Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends,

Welcome to the unfoldment of the Holy Order of O on this Earth!

Three new aspects of our Holy Order have been unveiled since the full moon in September of 2015. The full moon started a six-year exodus of the downfall world from the Nine Clusters of All That Is including the Earth.

The first aspect of our inner Holiness to be unveiled was the existence of a recording of an ancient world on the Earth that preceded the Great Downfall world. All of our blueprints and recorded existence of the Holy Order of O are intact within the Crystal lattice of our Spirit Body. The recording can be utilized to heal our downfall world.

The second unveiling was about the existence of a black hole or sacred portal called Migleomagleous that is present within the 69th dimensional Oniverse of Divine Intervention. It is one of the 15 components of Holy O Same within our Soul Vessel. This sacred portal is attended by very high consciousness crystal light beings. They know what to do with the downfall rubble that we all have that needs to be cleansed and cleared. It’s like living in a house with a functioning plumbing system instead of an outhouse in the backyard.

The third unveiling happened on New Year’s day 2016. I was told that all people on Earth possess within themselves a mechanism or device that is called a Perfectionator! It’s purpose is to re-create our being back into Holy O Perfection.

How beautiful that these three truths of our being have been unveiled. How wonderful that they are within us and all people on Earth possessed them!

A great purge is currently happening on Earth on the bottom end of consciousness through war, pain and misery.  On the cutting edge of higher consciousness,  a great expansion is happening through the Holy O and Holy Divine Healing, and the work of many others. You are allowed to choose at which end of consciousness you want to live your life. It will either be through faith in Christ Consciousness and living the good life or by relying on “self” which usually brings a life of misery with fear, worry, and anxiety.

Join us for the events in Texas in January and be on the cutting age higher consciousness.

Your friend and servant of HDH,

Dr. Dan


Comments on: "Dr. Dan’s message for January 2016" (1)

  1. Valerie Lerosier said:

    Thanks for the update. I prefer to use the word trust instead of faith? Does it really matter?
    Trust is knowing, faith is hoping.That’s the way I see it.
    Looking forward to reconnect with my inner Perfectionator!
    Thank you for all that you do.

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