Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends,

The purpose of this message is to present a bigger picture of life which will give a rational reason for all that has happened from the dawn of creation until now.

On September 27, 2015, a six year exodus began to remove the effects of the downfall world off of the Earth and out of the 9 Clusters of the All That Is of the Holy O. About two weeks into the exodus a veil was lifted from the crystal lattice of our spirit body that revealed a recording of an ancient world that preceded the great downfall. In this ancient world we were Holy Beings with a 13 component soul vessel that blessed us with a Knowing Consciousness and an eternal life. We lived in a 13 dimensional matrix, known as Heaven on Earth, for 700 million years in a single life continuum. Somewhere along the way we got bored with the 13 dimensional matrix and wanted to upgrade and expand, not understanding that a matrix cannot be expanded, but must be disassembled and a new matrix made. We wanted this expansion so much that it broke our Brown Ray, which anchors are spirit body to our root chakra, and necessitated the need for us to acquire Divine understanding to go along with our Divine Knowing.

The downfall world experience was our classroom to acquire this Divine Understanding by forfeiting our Divine Knowing which became belief. The Plan of Grand Design of the Holy O brought in a system of one with 87 lifeforms and change the model of Earth from Holy O to one.

The universe was created from an Oniverse, Atlantis sank and our soul vessel, with its 13 components, was fractured. The 13 components were spectrumized on a totem pole of the hierarchy of one, and at the bottom was our empty, fractured soul vessel called “self”, which is our human condition, and the downfall was on. When our soul vessel was fractured, the ego of our soul went from peace time, ruled by love, to wartime ruled by fear. In wartime our ego’s purpose is to defend our flesh, and it’s method of doing this is to seize control of our consciousness through the process of belief, which is the programming of the authoritative negative ego.

So the 13 dimensional matrix of Heaven on Earth was disassembled to its basic nuts and bolts so we, the new humans, could learn to understand through the school of hard knocks. Our lesson to learn is that we cannot add to a matrix after it is created. We have to disassemble it and to create a new one.

The next Holy Order of the Holy O will be the schematic of a Holy Being of O, who has both Divine Knowing and Divine Understanding. It’s soul vessel will have 15 components within, and they are the gifts of creation from the 15 galaxies of this cosmos, which belong to the 62 million plus Oniverses of the 9 Cluster All That Is of the Holy O, which integrate into the 9 underworlds of the Earth and create our consciousness complex of 7 levels (unconscious, subconscious, conscious, mass consciousness, Christ consciousness, Cosmic consciousness,  and Goddess consciousness).

Our home or playground for the next Holy O Order of the Holy O will be a 10 crystal matrix of exponential expansion, starting at 15 paradigms of cosmic consciousness and going through 9 additional exponential jumps to 999 to the power of 7. Wow!

Back to the ancient world recording present now in the crystal lattice of our spirit body. Because we have this recording in our possession right now, these recordings can be utilized to heal our downfall world in very big bites. All of our soul wounds – flush, all of the contents of our fear body and pain body – flush, flush. Where does it go? Each person also possesses, as one of the 15 components of their soul vessel, the 69th dimensional Oniverse of Divine Intervention as a sacred portal called  Migleomagleous,  that is sanctioned by the highest consciousness of Crystal light-beings. They know what to do with our downfall of rubble. It is disposed of, cleaned and cleared to Holy O pure perfection and sent to where it supposed to be or returned to you as a healed fracture that is created back into your wholeness. How is this possible? Because you possess your original blueprint and records of your Holy Order. HDH Purpose is to awaken you to this truth through the fifth level of consciousness, Christ consciousness. As you learn to walk and live the parable you escape your human condition of self and return to the Holy Order of O.

2016 will be an exponential quantum leap of consciousness, a new perception of reality. A bigger picture of life emerges that allows you to heal old wounds and relationships and see the beauty of life. All anyone has to do is to get out of their head where fears, ego, belief, and limitations reside and open their heart to seek the Holy Order of O and live the Parable of Christ Consciousness.  And all good things will come your way.

Welcome to 2016.


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