Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear Friends,

My preparation for Texas in November is almost complete. I am very excited to bring newness of life to all people through Holy
Divine Healing.

Buried deep in the crystal lattice of everyone’s Holy Spirit is the recording of an ancient world that existed on this earth before the Great Downfall. This ancient world has the matrix of Heaven on Earth, a 13th dimensional matrix, which was our playground or world for 700 million years. It was a life continuum characterized with all of us having a Knowing Consciousness and an eternal life in the model of Holy O.

These records have been kept hidden from us in the downfall world by a twist in the timeline with the invention of descending time in B.C. dates and ascending time in A.D. dates. This deception in the timeline has hidden the truth from humanity in the downfall world for eons.

New HDH Blessings of the Ancient world are now being received on a regular basis and will be performed on those who are ready for the upgrades.

I am very excited to bring this new information and healing to you through personal sessions and HDH Group Healing events where Holy Divine Healing is shared with all.

-Dr. Dan


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