The Jemez Springs Group Healing will begin at 4 pm MT today

The third lecture/group healing in New Mexico will be today at 4:00 pm MT in the Jemez Springs area.

Contact Cosima Pat Leedom at (575) 829-3940 or for appointments and locations. The Jemez Springs group healing will not be teleconferenced.

The three New Mexico group healings have been about integrating and connecting all people and beings through mass consciousness to the 9 Cluster All That Is Holy O Complex of over 62 million Oniverses (each with 763 cosmos, each with 15 galaxies). This is tremendously increasing our opportunities, choices, and all over prosperity, by removing the ceiling of our limitations and allowing us to escape the corner we were put into. We need the help of everyone to create a positive template to fill the void as the model of one exits this planet over the next 6 years.

I call forth all who will assist by being at the group healing in person, if you are local, or to participate by tuning in through thought and meditation.

The group healing blessings will be:

  1. Grand Design of the Holy O Divine Feminine Cluster of 86 Oniverses.
  2. Grand Design of the Holy O Completion Cluster of 62,762,213 Oniverses.
  3. Grand Design of the Holy O Trinity of O-ness Cluster of 3 Oniversal systems.
  4. Grand Design of the Holy O Completion of Sacred Paths.

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