Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear friends,

The Atlanta event was wonderful!! Many thanks to Kelli and Cathleen for hosting the event. There is always a lot of planning, promoting, and behind the scenes work to sponsor an event. I’m deeply grateful for the hospitality and friendship given to me. The Atlanta Group Healing was a very powerful and important event. This group healing had a large amount of participants in person, on the teleconference and behind the scenes as well.

The New Mexico event begins this Tuesday, October 13 (please check the schedule for details). Incredible hope, opportunity, choices and newness of life awaits all people who enter the I Am and go through the “eye of the needle” into the Holy O, the home of our original creation.

To overcome and escape the human condition of our downfall world, we must first be lifted out of our boxes into a higher atomic orbit, which is of higher consciousness and awareness than where we presently reside. This allows us to see a bigger picture and come to a higher understanding. Then, as our soul traumas play back through our mind, we will see things differently and change our mind to a higher interpretation. Peace and freedom will overwhelm us. All soul wounds can be healed in the Holy O.

You might ask, “How do I get lifted out of my box?” This is the key! With the Blessings of Divine Decree, you are always worked on at a platform in your crystal lattice that is of higher consciousness than where your consciousness presently resides. These blessings lift you up to the higher platform and instill newness of life, new consciousness, awareness, understanding and the destiny of ascension into the Holy O Same. This is done through the conscious mind during a personal session, a Jukebox blessing or through mass consciousness by participating in a healing event (Go to for more information).

During the event in New Mexico, we will be lifting people out of their boxes and into a beautiful world of new hope and possibility. With the beginning of the exodus of the invading forces, the 86 lifeforms that came in with the invader, and all of their viral belief cloaks, will be lifted from the Earth and a new chapter on Earth will begin.

This will be the first event of Holy Divine Healing since the big change began in September. As the model of the Earth changes from the model of one back to the Holy O, many new opportunities for goodness, happiness and fulfillment will be presented to those who open their hearts, seek the Holy O and live the parable of the wise Christ consciousness.

I call on all Light Workers to serve the Holy O with your sacred gifts. I honor you for serving the greater good and walking your Sacred Path. Together we make the world a better place.

We need the help of everyone to create a positive template to fill the void as the model of one exits this planet over the next 6 years. I call forth all who will serve by being at the group healing in person, if you are local, or via teleconference. (A recording of the event will also be available a couple of days after the event) Click here to enroll in the teleconference.

There will be three lecture/group healing events in New Mexico. They are all huge steps in our sacred path of becoming whole again, as we were in the ancient world that preceded the great downfall. The lectures will be about the latest happenings on the cutting edge of higher consciousness and will contain updates about the event on the September full moon. The three group healings will integrate and connect all people and beings through mass consciousness to the 9 Cluster All That Is Holy O Complex of over 62 million Oniverses, each with 763 cosmos, each with 15 galaxies. This will tremendously increase our opportunities, choices, and over all prosperity by removing the ceiling of our limitations and allowing us to escape the corner we were put into.

If you want to make the world a better place, this is for you!

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of HDH


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