Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Thank you to all who participated in the New Orleans Group Healing in person and by teleconference on September 8. Several groups across the country gathered together for the Group Healing teleconference with Holy O Intent as well as many individuals. This was a very powerful experience beyond measure for all involved.

At the HDH event in New Orleans, many received personal sessions to help them heal the effects of the Great Downfall on their being and put them on the cutting edge of changes. I want to give a special thank-you to my host, Terri, and all my supporters there. I’m very grateful for your hospitality, friendship, love, and support.

The next HDH event is in Atlanta beginning Friday, September 18. There will be a Group Healing event that will be teleconferenced on Friday at 7:30 PM EDT (6:30 CDT, 5:30 MDT). Personal sessions will be offered as well. Contact Kelli for availability at

During the Group Healing steps will be taken to heal the effects of the sinking of Atlantis on our Being. This includes healing the linkage of attitude – thoughts, feelings, choices, and decisions that manifest in our lives.

The Blessings are about healing bad attitudes that manifest in pain, misery, and negative feelings and creating positive attitudes that glorify the Holy Order of Life and benefit all people, creating loving thoughts and feelings in our lives. This downfall event had a profound and pervasive impact upon us. We all carry this as mutations in our matrix. These mutations manifest in our lives as fear, from which all negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences flow.

The equations that will be done in Atlanta will benefit all of us in life-altering ways. When we gather as a group with Holy O Intent, we are powerful beyond mortal measure. The Atlanta Group Healing is a very important planetary healing.

The blessings for the Atlanta group healing will be as follows:

1. From the Holy O Divine Conductor – the Grand Design of the Holy O Blue Ray.
2. From the Holy O Moon Director – the Grand Design of the Holy O Creation of loving thoughts and feelings.
3. From Holy O Divine Composer– Grand Design of the Holy O Divine Attitude.
4. Holy O Oracle of the 9-Cluster All That Is of Holy O – Grand Design of the Holy O Order of Completion.

We ask for your help and support in this mighty effort to heal the planet. All can be healed. All life is precious and worthy in the Holy O.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing


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