Recordings from New Mexico are up in the store!

Greetings Everyone,

We just wanted to send out a quick note to let you all know that for anyone that missed it, the recordings of the group healings done in New Mexico are up in the store. You can find them here.

The Albuquerque blessings are healing the fractures to our soul vessel from the Great Downfall. You will heal 4 of the 5 fractures through the mass consciousness for all beings of the 9 Cluster All That Is of the Holy O. The 4 blessings are:

(1) Holy O Pure Perfection of the Divine Masculine to heal the patriarchal fracture.
(2) Holy O Pure Perfection of the Divine Feminine to heal the matriarchal fracture.
(3) Holy O Oniversal, cosmic and galactic ratio balance to heal the universal cosmic ratio imbalance.
(4) Holy O Dominance of the Love particle of our heart to heal the bipolar particle fracture.

The healing of our soul vessel is primary to our Ascension efforts and in returning our ego body to peacetime.

The Santa Fe blessings are as follows:

(1) Holy O Perception of Truth in our Mass Consciousness to heal contamination through the Mass Consciousness.
(2) Holy O Divine Creation of Holy O Trust to activate Knowing consciousness through the Christ consciousness process.
(3) Holy O Creation of Holy O Manifestations to synchronize the 9 pulses of creation with our Creation Grid.
(4) Holy O Creation of Holy O Same to connect the 101 Rays of Light to the Eye of the Needle in the 12th Dimension and propel the creation of our Holy O Same.

If any of these blessings call to you inner holiness, please follow the links above to experience these powerful healings.

Thanks so much to everyone that participated in these blessings – both in person and on the phone. Your energy is a wonderful and welcome addition to the power and potency of these healings.

Many blessings!

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