Group Healings for Texas in January 2015

The recordings for Texas January 2015 Group Healings are now available in the store. You can click here to access them.

The blessings were very powerful.

Here is a special note from Dr. Dan:

Dear Enthusiast of HDH,

I wanted to post a message about the Group Healings that were done in Texas in January. The first group healing was on the evening of January 13th at Cecelia Britton’s wonderful sanctuary in San Antonio.  It allowed for the healing of the Androgyne, Oracle of Orion, and Melchizedec through first healing the masculine part (Stubulips) then the feminine part (Sheverikaleigh). There were three blessings to complete this sacred service for the Group of the Holy O.

The second group healing from the House of Light in Austin on January 18th involved three deities of the Holy O and their divine missions were shared with the Group of the Holy O. They were Valeea, a Golden Ray Earth Goddess of the Divine Feminine, Leandra, a Divine Mother of the Holy O Divine Feminine Cluster of the 86 Oniverse, and Elsondra, a Violet Ray Earth Goddess of the Holy O Earth Cluster. Their divine mission was ordained into the Crystal Lattice of all beings through mass consciousness.

The third group healing from the Spectrum Center in Houston on January 20th involved the three Blessings that were done on the three days of darkness on December 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, which are the shortest daylight days of the year. The first Blessing was a Divine Decree from an Oniversal Androgyne Divine Mother of the 999 to the power of 7. Her name is Cilendra. The second Blessing was about dark space in the 9 Cluster All That Is making it part of the Holy O and keeping it pure with Holy O Moon Beams and sharing its potential in life. The third Blessing brought forth the divine mission of the Holy O Oracle of O-ness.

Thanks for your participation and support.

-Dr. Dan

One Comment on “Group Healings for Texas in January 2015

  1. Dan, Can you tell us a little about Sheverikaleigh? You told me in one of sessions a year ago that I am from this lineage and would like to know more about her. Blessings, Linda E.

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