Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

I wanted to thank everyone on the phone last night for holding space and going with the flow.  This Group Healing was big and it was interesting all of the issues we had even before it started.  Ben is doing a great job and the issues we experienced last night were beyond his control.

Out of 18 pin numbers I had created for the store download, which had been double checked by me and then sent on for a 2nd verification by another set of eyes, we somehow missed the typo.  I am very sorry and over the next week we will validate the other numbers for a 4th time to assure this does not happen again.

Technical and Audio difficulties: As stated in the print out, at times the energetic frequency is so large that lines drop, audio crackles, and funky stuff happens.  We do our best to make sure the quality and consistency is maintained, but as we all are experiencing the human path, sometimes stuff happens that we are not able to fix.

As for those who have emailed, texted and had issues sound quality.  I have used google voice at times and streamed the audio through my computer speakers, but depending on the internet connection that can have issues too.  Last night I hooked up an external speaker to my cell since my cell phone speaker is not that good.  Here is a picture of my setup.

Here is a link to various speakers that one could use.  Please note that more expensive does not always mean better sound quality.

You can test and purchase these speakers at  your local retail store or office supply store.

Some have volume control on them and some do not.  Mine is a $12 speaker that uses my cell phone volume control.


If you have questions or issues please use the drdanhdh at  gmail email address and we will get back to you.   Many blessings, we look forward to seeing you on the lecture tomorrow night at 7:30.

Much Love,




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