Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Many changes are taking place in everyone’s lives; and in the New Year, Holy Divine Healing™ will be expanding into change as well.  Please take a moment to look at Dan’s 2015 Schedule  In the 2nd half of 2014 Dr. Dan changed locations and sponsors for some events and in 2015 he has changed destinations during some months.

We are doing our best to bring everything together under the Holy Divine Healing™ and Dr. Dan Mathews Name  to make it easy for you to access everything from one location.  This blog is currently the easiest way to access all of Dr. Dan’s content.  Please bookmark  so you can easily return to this site.

Make your purchases on the Holy Divine Healing™ Store  It is still the same storefront we have just updated the domain name.  That means if you have a login on the site, it still works.

Dr. Dan’s Jukebox launched at the end of November and has many  prerecorded, and transformational blessings for you as well.  Allow your inner holiness to guide you in choosing what feels right for you.

Dan had to cut his November Texas trip short to tend to some family business back at home.  He will be sharing new insights and pieces of that with you during his January Texas Trip.

In the coming New Year, Brenda Braden will be handing off the logistics of the teleconference, store and blog management to Dr. Dan’s team.  This infrastructure was started in 2011 and has grown over the past four years. Brenda is being guided to do some other things, but will be here to help you and us to make a smooth transition.

In 2011 there was a vision to bring Holy Divine Healing to those who could not attend in person.  This vision grew into an international connection through consistent sharing and all of YOU who told your friends about Dr. Dan and his work.

It is our desire to continue that expansion.  Dr. Dan now has many tools available to assist you between private sessions and group healing events. You can  follow him here on the blog, on Twitter, YouTube, and  access recorded blessings on his Jukebox.  When you choose to follow this blog you will receive an email when posts are made.  It is easy to stay on top of what is going on.


A Note from Brenda:

It has been an ongoing and evolving process and truly an honor for me, to participate in an immersion of Holy Divine Healing™ and share my gifts of technology with everyone.  Dr. Dan has touched my life and family in a transformative way.  Many of you have also become friends through this process of technology connection.  In my transformation, life has expanded so generously for me and I am being called to do some other things. Unfortunately this means having to let go of my role of service to Holy Divine Healing™ as technology support.  I will still be around to assist and fill in when needed, but I will not be your direct contact after January.  I wish everyone a joyous and exciting 2015.




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