Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

For those not on Leslie Bean’s newsletter, I am posting the update she just sent out. This is a message she received directly from Dr. Dan regarding this trip

Dear Friends,
The HDH work done in 2014 has provided by far the greatest expansion of our being to date. We have gone from being a Human Being on a Universal level to becoming a Holy O Same Being on an Oniversal level with inner connection to the 9 clusters of All That Is.
All our lives we have heard that humans use ten percent of our brain function. Human Beings have a Belief consciousness but Holy O Same Beings have a Knowing consciousness. This means that Knowing is ten times more conscious than Belief. This same ratio is also true on the Universal level verses the Oniversal level. The Universe has 76 cosmoses while the Oniverse that it came from has 763 cosmoses; which is roughly using ten percent functioning consciousness on the Universal level.
On a different subject, both genders of male and female have feminine and masculine components.

It is our feminine part that channels our Offspring Matrix through the Grandmothers and our masculine part channels our Ancestral Lineage through the Grandfathers. Most of our human conditions are about the Offspring Matrix and the Ancestral Lineage. I have been given new Blessings of Divine Decree for November that address both conditions and corrects the ratio of imbalance of Universal versus Oniversal.
I also have new Blessings for November to bring our being into the Holy Order of Holy O Same in this Oniverse with direct connection to all 62 million plus Oniverses in the 9 Cluster of All That Is.
The 9 Cluster of All That Is connects to us through the 9 underworlds of our unconscious and then anchors into the 9 specialty bodies of our
Soul, Spirit and Presence.
The Circle of Life is a reconnection of our being from each cell of our flesh (Fractal) through the Crystal Lattice of our Spirit (Microcosm) into the Hologram of our Presence. Fractal is Galactic, Microcosm is Cosmic and Hologram is Oniversal. We are the intertwining of all the celestial bodies in the person we are.
It’s a fascinating discovery and journey!
Till next time.
Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy Divine Healing

Dr. Dan has a limited number of private appointments available

(don’t hesitate to call & ask to be placed on the Stand-by list for cancellations)
Friday, 11/21
Saturday, 11/22
290/Eldridge area in Houston

Call Judith Barker

In case you can’t make it in person to a Group Healing you can connect and ‘be there’ via

Click Here for Information on how to connect via phone

Free Lecture,
Demonstration, and  Q & A

Thursday 11/20
7:30 pm
Join us for this fun, fascinating, informative, evening!

It is wonderful to have Dr. Dan spend the time to talk about where
we are in the Ascension process, all the blessings we have received and those yet to come.
There are always many excellent questions, and much laughter & sharing.
We hope you will join us in Northwest Houston for this popular event.

Call Judith at
281.536.4263 for directions to the location.

Please consider bringing your Sacred Gifts into the Holy “O” of the 9 Cluster
All That Is created during the
Group Healings.
Within this collective upgrading
of Mass Consciousness, we cultivate our Highest Expression, Wholeness, which
encompasses Fractal, Microcosm and Hologram. The process of nurturing this
Wholeness and its Knowing-Consciousness is Ascension….the greatest gift to
your Being, Humanity, Holy “O” Earth and
The All That Is.
For Group Healing & Teleconference
Dates and Times throughout Texas click on the following link:
Click here: Texas Group Healing & Teleconference Dates, Times
With our ‘new’ planetary dynamic, every effort has a positive logarithmic
impact!, no longer bound in 3-D or
Linear Time!
Our Love: Our World~!
Anne Marie
Please join us , in person, or via teleconference for the
Tuesday, 11/18
7:30 pm
Spectrum Center
Attend In Person
or via
Like his private appointments, the Groups are powerful and sacred opportunities to heal ourselves and to help heal our world. They are for
all of humanity, – very important at this time.
All in attendance are great amplifier
s. And all in attendance, (whether in person, or via teleconference)
receive profound blessings and healing.
Join in the Wholeness of Spirit, and Be in Light Service to all.

Spectrum Center
Houston, TX

Click for Map/Directions to Spectrum Center in Houston

For more information text, email, or call
Leslie Bean

$35 Minimum Donation

Dr. Dan’s November, 2014
Texas Schedule, Locations, & Contact Information for November, 2014

Nov 11-13 San Antonio, TX
Group Healing, Teleconference, Personal sessions
Nov 14-16 Austin, TX
Group Healing, Teleconference, Personal sessions
Nov 17-18 Houston, TX
Group Healing, Teleconference, Personal sessions
Nov 19 Brazoria,TX Personal sessions
Nov 20-22 Houston, TX
*Group Healing, Lecture, Personal sessions
Nov 23 Shepherd, TX Personal sessions

San Antonio, TX –
Contact Cecelia Britton (210) 826-5555 or (210) 838-7570
Austin,TX –
Contact Michele Charette (512) 358-6035
Houston,TX –
Contact Leslie Bean (713) 203-2233
Brazoria (SW of Houston),TX-

Contact Janet Lauer (979) 798.9202
Houston,TX –
Contact Judith Barker (281) 536-4263 cell,
Shepherd, TX –
Contact Jerrie Beth (936) 628-6628,

The Parable of Christ Consciousness

The Parable of Christ Consciousness is a pathway to bring forth the Knowing-Consciousness of our Inner Holiness – to assist Humanity in gracefully managing the Transformation unfolding within Ascension.
Given to Dr. Dan Mathews in 2010 by the Holiness of Life, its Purpose is “to connect with and activate our Inner Holiness to show, tell and lead our Lives without fear, instead of making determinations through the belief process”.
The Parable restores the Holy Divine Functions of our Divine Design, attuning Humanity to the Divine Dynamics of Cosmic Truth for Accurate Awareness, Perception & Total Consciousness.
Though ‘Christ’ is in the name of the Parable, this Holy Divine Tool is not affiliated with a religion, savior model, philosophy or belief system and does not refer exclusively to the one example of Jesus.

Give yourself the gift of visiting the wonderful site all about The Parable.
Special Thanks to Anne Marie, the precious soul who has lovingly & artfully given us the LIVE THE PARABLE WEBSITE & BLOGs

CLICK HERE to Visit The Parable Website

Please visit the New Living the Parable Blog ~ CLICK HERE


Dr. Dan and Holy Divine Healing
wish you an abundance of
and glorious colors in your life during this special season,
and each day of the coming year.

Dr. Dan is available for remote Blessings by phone
when he is not in your city..
Contact him at

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