Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Over the past few months we have received feedback from some of you who participate via the Teleconference that you prefer to only partake in the Group Healing and not the lecture.  At this point Holy Divine Healing and Dr. Dan Mathews work has gone world wide.  We have participants that get up in the middle of the night on their side of the world, to participate in the Group Healing Events.  This has been discussed with Dan and in honor of all of the beautiful people who come forth month after month, the following has been decided; only the Group Healing portion will be teleconferenced, and the Spring Texas lecture will be Teleconferenced for FREE.  Please see details below.

Dan would like to have a 25 minute lecture, pause for 5 minutes and connect on the phone for the Group Healing teleconference part.

When the group healing has ended he will have a recap, then thank everyone for their participation and say goodbye to those on the phone.

That should take about 1 hour. Then he will take questions and comments from those attending in person.

In San Antonio the lecture will start at 7:30 pm until about 7:55 pm, then the group will be from 8:00 pm through 9:00 pm give or take a few minutes.

Houston is on the same time schedule as listed above for San Antonio

In Austin the lecture will start at 2:00 pm until about 2:25 pm and then the group will start at 2:30 pm until about 3:30

For those who like to partake in the lecture, Dan will teleconference his Thursday Night lecture from Judith Barker’s in Spring TX.  The  time for that is 7:30 pm central time and the dial in number for that will be Conference Call Dial-in: 1-267-507-0240 Conference Code: 322357.


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