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Please help save mother earth from this destruction. There is a link at the end of the video to assist in stopping this from happening.

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frack_not_4I have been to many beautiful regions of New Mexico. I have felt my Life blood flowing there. My Ancestors are there.

For BLM to “frack” in Chaco Canyon and throughout these sacred lands is absolutely unconscionable. In my mind, it MUST be confronted and stopped.

This Credo petition gives us an opportunity to stop this.

Remember, this is BLM, “Bureau of Land Management”… “Bundy Ranch” BLM… “Land-grabbing part of corporation USA” BLM*. Sometimes I sense a better name would be “Bureau of Land MIS-management”.

Watch the video. Check the Credo petition. Sign if you feel so guided.

* I’m aware there are likely many people within the “BLM” that truly wish to assist in protecting the environments of the US. However, I’m referring to the “Corporation BLM” which basically says, “Screw You… this is OURS to do with as WE please.”

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Comments on: "Time for Action… “Save Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, from Fracking”" (1)

  1. Tom Forgy said:

    Sent a letter to the Gov. a couple of days ago. 


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