Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dr. Dan, Vicki and their families are all OK and unharmed after the tornadoes near their homes yesterday. Vicki said it was “close but we are all ok”. She said their hearts are sad about the others in their area that were effected.

Perhaps we could all infuse Love into that area and the other areas that are predicted to have these kinds of tornadoes. I believe that we can actually lessen or stop them; so that no one, human or animal, is harmed.


Cassandra and Brenda


Comments on: "Regarding Arkansas Tornados" (2)

  1. Thank you for getting the word out. I’d just emailed Diane to see if she knew anything. Many blessings love and light to all affected mar

  2. valerie lerosier said:

    Thank you for the mail as I was, like many, concerned about the Mathews family. Much love Valerie

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