Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Tomorrow night!! The night of Love and Connection!! Join us for the Santa Fe NM Group Healing.  We will only be teleconferencing the Group Healing.  There is a lecture prior to the Group Healing for those in the area that want to attend.

Group Healing Start time is: (lecture is 1 hour prior)
8:00 pm. Mtn,
9:00 pm CST and
10:00 pm EST

A little insight on what happened Tuesday Night for those of you who were wondering.

Tuesday evening in Albuquerque was a great success, despite the confusion on the start time for those of you doing the Teleconference.  We had not intended to teleconference the lecture, but the unseen world had another plan.  4 hours prior to what we thought was start time I noticed the times posted on Tuesday were not what I was told originally (note: never copy a post from a previous event).  We quickly made another post to correct the start time to reflect only the group healing.

I decided to dial in just in case there were some that had not seen the update. That way I could tell them to dial in at 8:00 mtn.  Within 5 minutes of me dialing in to the conference line, Dr. Dan calls on our mobile phone.  By this time we have 6 people dialed into the conference line and Dan on the mobile with a question prior to starting his lecture.  Once he was told we had people on the conference line, he asked if we could patch him through.  We did just that.

This is an instance of following your inner knowing.  Even though I had been told 4 times the “correct” dial in time (it didn’t feel right the first time I was told so I kept asking), and confirmed it 2 hours before the group healing was due to start, I still felt what I was being told was incorrect.  My internal guidance system was telling me that I was not being given the right information.  I followed my inner knowing and it did not fail me.  So, despite what my outer world is telling me, I have found it best to follow what my inner world / inner guidance is telling me, even if the rest of the outer world thinks I’m crazy.

I love all of you who participate each month on the conference line, and I thank each of you for your patients with the system when the energetics make things a little bumpy.  I know Dan and his Hostesses do too.  Big Hugs and Happy Valentines Day!



Comments on: "Santa Fe New Mexico Group Healing 2-14-14" (1)

  1. Janet Rhode said:

    Thanks, Brenda, for all you do for those of us involved in teleconferencing…It’s a lot.more than I realize , i am sure..

    Happy Heart Day,❤ Janet

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