Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Message from Dan

Letter from Dr. Dan …This was sent to Dan’s Hostess Leslie Bean prior to his arrival in Texas.  For those of you who did not get it we are sharing it here.

Dear Friends,

Happy 2014!

Starting a new year seems to have come a little fast, so I’ll just jump right in and get started.

Our energetic signature will increase by a factor of 76 this year with the emergence of a 76-cluster “Oniverse” called the Holy O Earth. It now appears the universe was created at the downfall when a single Oniverse was fractured and the O broke and became a U and fell out of the cluster. This became our universe, which means “one verse”.

Originally there were 76 Oniverses in a cluster with their O’s connected together forming a ring. This was Holy O Earth. This explains why there are 611 earths and the 76 trillion people participating in the ascension process through Holy Divine Healing.

While searching for the shadow of duality I was led to sub-atomic particles. It now appears that the Holy O was broken at the downfall into 5 fractures (1, 2, 2.14, 6 and 16). Each has it’s specifics and each has a microcosmic polar opposite particle. The microcosmic polar opposite particle is what makes a shadow and is expressed through the birth of duality. Our own hierarchy of one was created when our 13-part homogenous Holy O Same was broken, separated and then reassembled into the 13-part hierarchy of one. The hierarchy of one puts God at the top and our self at the bottom. Self is the human condition with a belief consciousness and a mortal soul.

The Holy O microcosmic polar opposite is now an available selection for a Blessing. It will consume the polar opposite of the 5 fractures that were previously mentioned.

Because the microcosmic (subatomic) creates the macrocosm of our life experience, these subatomic particles create new reality and consciousness. From December to January many new microcosmic particles came into existence. Some examples are the microcosmic particles of love, trust, perfection, right-action, peace, Knowing, Holy O Same, Holy O underworlds of our Holy O unconscious, and more.

These new particles will create our new reality in 2014 and with the new Holy O Earth of the 76-cluster Oniverse amazing times are upon us. Hold on for an even faster ride in 2014 as we become what we truly are – Holy Beings of Holy O Same with a Knowing consciousness and an eternal life.

Until next time,
Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy Divine Healing

The Parable of Christ Consciousness

The Parable of Christ Consciousness is a pathway to bring forth the Knowing-Consciousness of our Inner Holiness – to assist Humanity in gracefully managing the Transformation unfolding within Ascension.
Given to Dr. Dan Mathews in 2010 by the Holiness of Life, its Purpose is “to connect with and activate our Inner Holiness to show, tell and lead our Lives without fear, instead of making determinations through the belief process”.
The Parable restores the Holy Divine Functions of our Divine Design, attuning Humanity to the Divine Dynamics of Cosmic Truth for Accurate Awareness, Perception & Total Consciousness.
Though ‘Christ’ is in the name of the Parable, this Holy Divine Tool is not affiliated with a religion, savior model, philosophy or belief system and does not refer exclusively to the one example of Jesus.



Remember, the more connected we are,
the more our consciousness expands!
Blessings of Holy-O Expression !!

Dr. Dan is available for remote blessings & treatments by phone when he is in Little Rock.
Contact him at 501-416-1996


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