Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

To better serve you we have updated the store, added a link to take you back to the blog and separated categories into Events and Recordings.  At the end of January you will see many more recordings made available.

We have also priced the actual group healing recordings at the same price as the group healing.  Each recording contains 4 to 5 blessings and holds the energy of the event.  If you attend an event in person or via teleconference you will be given access to a coupon code which will provide you a deep discount for the group healing recording that you have attended.

Meanwhile, we are offering a 57% discount on all current recordings until the end of the month.  If you are wanting a specific recording and do not see it please post below and we will make it available to you.  We have recordings back through 2011 currently accessible upon request.

Thank you to each and every one of you who keep showing up on this journey of Holy Divine Healing.  It is you that assists in the transformation of our planet.




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