Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness


We have received messages on the blog from some of you.  I want to clarify a few things: We have a new location due to Dr. Cassandra Campbell selling her home and that location no longer being available. Dr. Cassandra Campbell is still the hostess for San Antonio HDH and Dr. Dan Mathews we will be there for the group healing in January.
1.) Dr. Dan does not interface electronically, this blog is managed by Brenda Braden and Dr. Cassandra Campbell.  We handle posting the information and recordings he gives to Dr. Cassandra Campbell on his blog, YouTube, Our Community Voices Store and Sound Cloud as a service to him and the HDH community.
2.) If you need to speak with Dr. Dan or have specific personal questions for him please call him, otherwise we will just send your question on to him the next time we speak to him.
3.) Dr. Dan’s hostesses for each city handle his schedule, the hostesses are the same as they were for 2013 and can be found on the 2014 schedules and sponsors tab.  Please contact the hostess directly if you are wanting to schedule a private appointment or need to change your appointment.


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