Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

The dial in for the free events for the year of 2015 will be

302-202-1110 Pin 771547 (This is a toll call if you do not have long-distance included in your phone plan)

For Group Healing Teleconference  purchases and recordings of previous Group Healing Events, please visit the store and select your desired events or recording.

All posted questions will be submitted to Dr. Dan and the answers will be posted back here on the blog.  Please contact Dr. Dan directly if you are seeking additional assistance.  You may also find additional resources below.

YouTube Channel

Sound Cloud Recordings

Christ Consciousness Prayer (click on the words for the prayer)

Feelings Chart  this chart shows the positive feelings that dissolve the negative feelings and the musical note they are tied to.  Everything is a vibration: Thoughts, Words, Feelings, and music.

Holy Divine Healing Jukebox   The Jukebox: The 15 Homogeneous Parts of Holy O Same is an amazing collection of Blessings- hypnotic journeys into fractal-morphic energy fields, designed to assist you up the 15 Paths of Ascension to become the perfected Holy Being you once were. The Blessings are provided as audio recordings made by Dr. Dan and are approximately 7 minutes each. You will have access to a blessing on the site for 3 day when you make a love offering of $13.00 to the jukebox.

Additional information on the Parable of Christ Consciousness is located HERE   Thank you to Aurora Healing Arts for expanding this work.

This site is owned by, Holy Divine Healing™ and Dr. Dan Mathews and is a service to Humanity and The Holy Divine Healing™ Community.  All content is owned by Dr. Dan Mathews © 2000 – 2015 and may only be shared in its entirety and original content.  Each experience is individual; neither Holy Divine Healing™ nor Dr. Dan Mathews place any claim of “cure” or “medical diagnosis” as a result in participating in this work.  Please consult your practitioner if you are in need of medical assistance.


Comments on: "Holy Divine Healing Resources" (2)

  1. shooben2014 said:

    Hello Dan, I’ve been processing through some emotional issues and sometimes I feel like with all I know ( well, think I know lol) I cant even muster up the energy and focus to help myself. I guess at times I am not able to see and feel what I know to be true, that these limitations are an illusion . I ask for help from my guides and angels and they do help me but I was wondering …What is a good way to be able to consciously use all these wonderful blessings coming through for healing in times like that?

    • Use the parable blessing
      Say this upon rising each morning and when you run into issue throughout your day. You will find after 10 to 14 days you will start to change the wording a bit to fit you and that some of the challenges you have will start to fade away. If you are feeling conflicted then that is a disconnection from inner knowing. You can also use the feelings chart (link is posted as the first post in the blog at the top) The list on the feelings chart shows the positive feeling that dissolves the negative feeling along with the musical tone the resonates the healing.

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