Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

In just five days, Dr. Dan will be in Bulverde/ New Braunfels.  (Look for his recent message below.)

Since the blessings for the new earth were put into the crystal lattice for humanity in September, Dr. Dan has been receiving blessings to help us adjust to the new energies on the planet. During this trip to Texas he has 10+ new blessings for the private appointments and the group healings.

This is such a great time to be here! It is, however, requiring that we stay focused on what we are desiring and what we want in our lives. Receiving these blessings is making this SO much easier for us and our bodies.

For me, the “pressure” of the “old” leaving  was relieved with some of these new blessings. I felt calmer, better able to focus and less emotional. Many aches and pains in my body were also relieved. YES!

Dr. Dan recently said he has been given three new blessings to repair important parts of the crystal lattice that were fractured at the downfall. This is for the earth and humanity as well as for individuals. Repairing these fractures is allowing major aspects of our life to come back into harmony and balance. He is very happy about this since it helps people feel much better during the transition and integration into the new earth and energies.

You are encouraged and invited to be part of the three group healings on November 12th, 17th and 19th. Our planet and all living things can transition into this new vibration easier too as these blessings are put into the crystal lattice.

Teleconferences are available for all three group healings if you cannot be present.  To get the number, go to the tab  for PURCHASE at the top of this blog or go to .

It works just as well on the phone. We do need people to show up with their bodies so that those gifts can be utilized to get the blessings into the crystal lattice. Everyone that attends in person or on the phone has gifts that are also utilized for this process.

For more information and directions to the new group healing and lecture location, go to his blog at You may have to scroll down through the posts to find this information.

We sincerely hope to see or hear you at the group healing Tuesday, November 12, at 7:30pm.

Cassandra, Brenda and Dr. Dan

210-549-8285, 210-549-8245

Remember, you can have private appointments by phone when he is home. His contact is 501-416-1996.


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