Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

The Arkansas event was successful!!
It took a lot of focused intention and attention by the 50+ people to “get ‘er done!”

The last group healing experienced an attempt by the “old world” to interfere. We were told that inspite of the interference, many people stayed on the phone line together even though we could not get into the call from Peace Valley.

Thank you to each of you that was one of the 50+ and all of you that “held” sacred space for the processes and healings.

The veils were lifted from the Earth and
the Earth was started on her ascension!

Life is obviously more expanded and “magical”.

NOW the veils must be lifted FROM HUMANITY!
This is happening in the September Texas Group Healings!

to show up to contribute your unique gifts at the groups
either in person or on the phone.

Just one hour of your time each group,
September 10th, 15th, 17th
PLEASE JOIN US for the ascension of humanity.

Bulverde Group Healing September 10th, Tuesday 7:30pm cdt.
Austin Group Healing September 15th, Sunday 2pm cdt.
Houston Group Healing September 17th, Tuesday 7:30pm cdt.
YOU are an important piece of this team!!

Teleconference available for ALL three Texas Group Healings.

Dr. Cassandra Campbell 210-549-8285
Brenda Braden 210-549-4285


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