Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness


8/18 in this Indianapolis Group Healing:  Participating assists you personally, as well as humanity and the Earth. YOU make the outcome more expanded. Please join in.

If you plan to attend in person the information can be found here 

Purchase Teleconference Dial in Numbehere for only $35.  There will be a lecture prior to the group healing using the same number you receive with the dial in purchase.  This event starts promptly at 2:30 eastern time.   The week following the group healing, there will be a post of the recorded lecture.



8/22 – 8/24 Dr. Dan will have an event at Peace Valley in Cado Gap AR.

If you are planning to attend please read all of the details and costs associated with the event.  If you have questions please contact Peace Valley Directly as they are in charge of the entire event, including the free teleconference line.  We are just posting the notification of the event.

The work that will be done in Peace Valley was articulated before in a post, but here it is again:

The areas of our lives that are disturbing are the ones that have veils on that level of consciousness or that aspect of the downfall that is still in our crystal lattice. He truly wishes that as many as possible will participate in either private appointments are group healings.

These veils can be lifted during private appointments before this event. When the veils are lifted from the earth in August 22-24 at Peace Valley Retreat, then we will able to lift the veils for humanity during the group healings in Texas in September.


Comments on: "Dr. Dan Indy Group Healing tomorrow" (2)

  1. I was curious as to why there have not been any Healing Transcripts posted in the last few months. Is this something that has been phased out of this site?


    • Hi TR, Translating the transcripts is still something Cassandra Campbell does for Dr. Dan and it is currently on her list to do. Dr. Campbell’s sacred path has her traveling quite a bit this year so she is doing her best to get the transcripts done and posted.

      We do make the recordings available for purchase as well if you are wanting to hear them again or are wanting to transcribe them yourself.

      Dr. Dan’s blog, store, and recordings are all made possible because of a few who volunteer time to serve his work and all of you.

      We charge a nominal fee for the recordings which funds the hosting and technology that makes all of this possible.

      Please let Brenda know if there is something you are wanting but not able to find.

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