Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dr. Dan is feeling really good about what we have available to shift during this trip to Texas. He said it has been an intense process for him the last two weeks as he has been receiving the new information. He is happy that he now has the blessings to shift the seven levels of consciousness from the downfall limitations to the Holy 0 full expression of our seven levels of consciousness. Just last night he received the blessing for creating the Holy 0 Christ Consciousness.

The areas of our lives that are disturbing are the ones that have veils on that level of consciousness or that aspect of the downfall that is still in our crystal lattice. He truly wishes that as many as possible will participate in either private appointments are group healings.

These veils can be lifted during private appointments at this time. When the veils are lifted from the earth in August 22-24 at Peace Valley Retreat, then we will able to lift the veils for humanity during the group healings in Texas in September.

He has TWO (2) AVAILABLE PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS. Wednesday, July 10, at 4pm, 5:30pm. Contact Dr. Cassandra Campbell for more information 210-549-8285 or 

To participate in the Bulverde group healing TOMORROW at 7:30pm cdt, click on the PURCHASE tab at top right of this site.
CORRECTION: Wednesday there will NOT be a lecture. Instead there will be a viewing of a video of Danaan Karry talking about the scientific and psychological implications of the Well of Knowing, which is the inner doorway to our True Knowing. Dr. Dan will be attending. No teleconference will be available.

Dr. Dan is holding a gathering at Peace Valley Retreat in Arkansas August 23-25 to lift the "veils" of the Downfall from the Earth. That information about reservations and/or teleconference will be available at a later time. There are accommodations on site and off site. He expects this gathering to be significant in bringing about the transition into the New Earth much, much easier for every one.

Check with Dr. Cassandra Campbell for possible private appointment openings, directions or any other information regarding Dr. Dan's visit to Bulverde.  210-549-8285.

Contact Brenda Braden for more information about teleconferences for the group healings in Texas the next two weeks.   210-549-8245.


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