Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dr. Dan has said the complimentary teleconference with O’Eeliya “is a beautiful service.”
For the number please subscribe

O’Eeliya is requesting a dialogue with you the first Friday of each month. This Friday, April 19th, tomorrow, is the first of this series.

O’Eeliya is addressing the chaotic “waves” of humanity’s consciousness
during this rapid transformation into the New Earth and New World.

He speaks about how fragile, yet stable, our New Earth is today and offers
ways that each person can contribute to Peace in their personal and
collective lives. That Peace includes many facets of health, happiness,
wealth and ease of life in spite of current circumstances in the
environment. He gives beautiful and understandable analogies that we can
understand; so that we can achieve a greater experience of that Peace.

Please plan to join us this tonight, Friday April 19th, at 7pm CDT.
For the number please subscribe

Thank you from O’Eeliya for being a beacon and holder of Light and Love on
the planet. You are, without a doubt, a unique contributor to the forward
movement into our New Earth.


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