Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

This Friday, March 22, at 7:30pm CST is the only lecture in Texas this month. Dr. Dan has requested the  lecture be teleconferenced. It must special to hear what he has to say or he would not have requested it.

During the group healing last night, he spoke about new things that are coming very fast.  One of the things he said that really got my attention was, “Everyone matters because they have an expression of what you are.” He also talked about the 15 paths of ascension being the paths the different aspects of us are on. I am looking forward to hearing him speak at length about all of this.

Join us for the teleconference. Lecture Dial in for this Friday lecture is  1-267-507-0240   pin 771547#    This is a free lecture and the call in number and pin is the same every month so log it in your phone.  Currently these numbers are for Texas Events only.

This line will hold 100 callers; so invite your friends and acquaintances!!!! LET’S GET THE WORD OUT!!!

Happy Day,



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