Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dr. Dan is on his way to Texas today. He briefly talked about what the theme of this trip is. Below are the notes I took while talking with him. This may not exactly what he said. I tried to get most it.

The group healing in Bulverde is the only group gathering in Bulverde. The group healings have been much shorter, which gives him to time and energy to talk about the new information. So if you want to hear more about this awesome information, join us at the group healing tomorrow night at 7:30pm CDT, either in person or on the phone.

Remember, these group healings are now to clear up your families and lineages and because we have not reached the 100th monkey tip yet, the blessings happen just for the people, their lineages and families that show up.


We are at the start of the Holy Order on Earth. “This feels so high that it is  like being on top of the Empire State Building.”

He has been drawn lately to watch a TV series about evidence of “Alien” existence on our planet. His guidance has shown him that the evidence being found was created by us before the downfall. We were  consciously contributing members of the Galactic Council and helped create the planetary and cosmic grid systems.

The theme of this trip to Texas is to get the pieces of the parts that we need to be connected to make that consciousness a reality. “This is going to be a real Moon Shot!”

He will talking about how to construct Divine Decrees to handle issues of life and get our Inner Holiness applied to those issues. This can take us to divine discernment to make proactive responses that lead to positive outcomes.

To be on the teleconference, click on the tab Purchase and Schedule in the upper right corner.

Let’s ride this exciting wave!!!



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  1. This message was somehow left in draft format and so it was published today as record for what was going on in March.

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