Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

If you have questions for Dr. Dan while he is here in Texas please post them below in the comments box and I will make sure he gets them and we get them answered.

Thanks a bunch Brenda


Comments on: "Do you have Questions for Dr. Dan This Month?" (5)

  1. LOVE Dan’s work. I’m a big fan. 1) How long is the Golden Age integration period likely to occur in 2013–any sense of the timeframe? 2) Even with a personal session, integration has been brutal this month as the unconscious is purged & lower emotions-memories-patterns arise. Parable seems to band-aid the process,(or even allow more brutality to surface.) Ideas to direct & transmute this roller-coaster reaction when controlling “alpha male’ brutality is up?

  2. Pat Baranski said:

    I use to recevie healings from you when you were in Houston, Dan. I’ve lost touch and so grateful to have found you on this site! Do you still come to Houston???

  3. Can’t find the link for the recommended Ann Marie’s Website featuring Parable of C Consciousness.

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