Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Can you believe it is March already?  Wow, this no more linear time thingy has really shifted things.  Please feel free to participate where ever you reside by purchasing the dial in number for 1 or ALL 3 events on the store

Also remember this month for the Texas Group Healings we will only have 3 and there will be no group healing in Brazoria this time.  We will also not have lectures this month at either location, but you will be able to tune in next month for lectures with the groups in Indiana.

With the changes in the blessings Dan has typically at least 1/2 an hour left once he has completed them and is now expanding more on what is going on so the end of a group healing is a bit like a mini lecture.


Comments on: "Dan Will Be Here Tomorrow!!" (4)

  1. Elizabeth Suzanne McBeth Welfel said:

    Cassandra & Brenda: Four of us from the Brazoria group are planning on being at your Bulverde group tomorrow night: Bryan, Theresa, Sue & Freddie. I’m not aware of anybody else planning on attending, but we don’t have a means of group communication either. If this is a problem for space in your location, please let me know in a couple of hours because we will depart Bay City mid-morning today. Or call my cell 979.224.0241, Looking forward to seeing you all. Sue McBeth Welfel

  2. The Shaman Shack said:

    What are the dates for Indiana next month? I live in Ohio and would like to attend

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