Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Last month there were a couple of questions, and here are the answers Dr. Dan has spoken about:


1) You said in the update that when you return home from your trips you notice that everyone is not getting the full benefit of the equations anymore? Can you explain?


The people that are getting private sessions with him since January are getting the full benefit of the equations given during that private session. When we left the old world in December, we were finished with the templates that were created to repair the old world of the downfall. For the last year all the templates created during group healings  were automatically spreading to  individuals that were not present for the group healing and who had never before been to him. This was the result of many years of creating templates for the old world, like the quantum shift or hundreth monkey phenomena.

Because we have very few templates for the Golden Age, the hundreth monkey phenomena is not in effect. As a result, a person needs to be present for either a group healing or a private session to receive the new templates during that particular group or private session.  In other words, the new templates for the Golden Age are not yet spreading like the old world templates were. It is unknown how long it will take for the new templates to spread automatically.


2) You mentioned bringing our families along with our ascension, that that is part of the new purpose of the time. Do we need permission from our families, do they need to be told? What if they aren’t interested? Would this mean they aren’t coming along?


In this new world, you are the Fountainhead of Ascension for your lineages and families.  Families and lineages are not just your biological family.  Families and lineages consist of your work family, spiritual family, soul group and all of the people that you spend time with sharing common interests or desires both on planet and off planet.

There are 15 paths of Ascension that people can take now. No one is left behind.  Those close to you may choose a different path than what you are choosing.   Even if they choose a different path than you, we will all end up at the same place. The more you participate in the templates/blessings, the more your lineages and families benefit.


If you have other questions regarding information Dr. Dan gives us, please post them here in the comments section on this blog post.


Comments on: "Questions For Dr. Dan" (4)

  1. Cynthia Felger said:

    How do you purchase a private session? Do you have to be present for the session?

    • A private session can only be done if you are at the same location as Dr. Dan when he is traveling. When he is at home you can schedule a remote session and his wife acts as the surrogate. Please contact Dan directly if you wish to schedule a session. If he is traveling he will return your call once he returns home.

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