Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Bulverde Group Healing is Election Day!!!

Together we can have an effect on the outcome of the Election for a Holy 0 Same government, that is anchored in the Christ Matrix of the Aquarian Age communities.

Dr. Dan Mathews in Bulverde, TX
November 6-8th

This is a wonderful, inspiring time for us to gather in love and support for the work Dr. Dan does, for each other and for the whole of humanity.

Once the linear time line is collapsed into the 15th paradigm December 8th, we will begin to have access to new Holy 0 templates.

As Dr. Dan says, that is when we power up the grand Christmas tree we have been constructing for years.

Apparently we are all frontier voyagers plowing the way for the restoration of Holy 0 Divine Humanity.
YOU are an important piece of this team!!Please bring your body and spirit to the group healings.

Teleconference available for ALL four Texas Group Healings.

November 6th, Bulverde 7:30 pm cdt

November 11th, Austin 2:00 pm cdt

November 13th, Houston 7:30 pm cdt

November 15th, Brazoria  7:00 pm cdt
Go to our store to pay and to get the call-in numbers

November 6th, Tuesday, 7:30pm Group Energy Healing Session and Teleconference

November 7th, Wednesday, 7:30pm Free Lecture and Demonstration (this is the only teleconferenced lecture)
The teleconference number is 218-936-4975 pin 32545#
Call in by 7:25 pm cdt. This number is for the lecture only.

Contact  Dr. Cassandra Campbell



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