Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Once we got through where the alien invasion got through the earth realm and our being at the 52 dimension 8th Star System, everything after that was the perfect part that never was messed up. Immediately I got into the zone of the akashic;  so I knew there was a perfected order of the Holy 0 that preceded the downfall. Then I had to go through the linkage of the light and pick up where it mutated initially in Orion. Then I went one step back from Orion and was then in the akashic realm. It is the original Beings of the Holy 0. they are Androgyne. We just now gotten to the aspect that is the fractal equivalence in us. So we are starting to install now from this original place of the original beam before any mutation ever occurred. And I find out they have a land on Holy 0 Earth that is of the original Holy 0 Beings. They exist somewhere in the reality of the Holy 0 Earth which is the whole enchilada. There is a place of the akashic. The records that people do you called akashic records is an aspect of it.

These 0 Star Systems of the emotional and mental bodies go through the Akashic and bring Great stability to our emotional and mental body. Anything that goes through that beam of light returns to its original perfection. It should be amazing as we continue forward and find out more about it. The light that started mutating at the downfall played its part in it. It did not quit mutating until 2004. That’s when the Ascension process started. They couldn’t get started with this process until they got the light to quit mutating.

This 0 light is really expanding now. It starts at the sixth paradigm and goes through 15 and then through the other nine exponential paradigms. I think that sixth through 15th paradigm will be collapsing here on December 8th. That 0 light has a lot to do with the Akashics.

The Ouachita mountains and crystals (in Arkansas)  are all about the Akashics.


Comments on: "Message from Dr. Dan Mathews" (2)

  1. BC Barton said:

    Hi Dan….BC Barton here….sending you love and smiles.

  2. Marcia R. said:

    HI Dan,
    Fits with what I’ve been feeling lately.That aspect of pure light pouring in every nook and crannie as distortions are cleared like scrubbing bubbles of JOY!

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