Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

This past Tuesday he talked about his journey this past month and what is coming our way very fast. He, too, has been experiencing the intense instability of inner life and the feeling of unrest. You are not alone!! He said his process is getting easier and he will be ready to head to Texas next week.

This is a short paraphrased summary of what he described.

After his first near-death experience and before he started traveling to Texas, he was told to make a book about the 57 dimensions of this reality. It took two years to complete the book.

Each dimension has 7 star systems except one that has 8 star systems. That one is the 52nd dimension. He was told to draw the template of the 57 dimensions. He found that when that template is placed over the human body , it covers from the jaw to the top of the head. The 52nd dimension is the eyes.

It was that 8th star system of the 52nd dimension where we connected to our Holy Divine Androgyne and Holy 0 Same. That is also where the alien invader entered and created the down fall. He still doesn’t know HOW the invasion happened.

This Texas trip is about repairing and healing the 57 dimensions AND the 8th star system of the 52nd dimension. He said “WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET FOR THIS ONE.” In all the years I have known Dr. Dan, he has never said that.


He said he has been given glimpses beyond the veil. There is a LOT of activity over there. They are creating the NEW crystalline lattice of Holy O Earth!!!! He said the templates are SOOO beautiful that he has no words to describe it.

As he was telling my about this, every cell in my body started vibrating and tears rolling down my face. I feel a tremendous relief. FINALLY we are SO close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He said to share this with everyone and tell them to stay out of fear and doubt. Use the Christ Consciousness prayer to stay in ACCEPTANCE, FORGIVENESS, SURRENDER, YIELDING, TRUST, ASKING FOR GUIDANCE!!!

PLEASE BRING YOUR BEAUTIFUL GIFTED BEING TO HELP WITH THIS. Your being present will also help YOUR life be easier and smoother.

What a GRAND time we will be having beginning next week July 10th here in Bulverde and progressing for two weeks through Houston.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you and having your Divine Presence with us next week.




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