Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

The Houston group healing was fantastic with much great work done.  Dan is nearing the end of his March Texas trip and will have his final group healing for the month tonight 3/22/12 in Brazoria.  We will be doing a call in number for this as well; you may pay for the teleconference here  Once you pay there will be an email sent with a download link.  This download is a pdf file that has the dial in number and a bit of information on what to expect if you are on the phone.  Please feel free to email or call Brenda if you have any issues with your purchase  210-549-8245

Each person who shows up contributes to the work that we get to do, so even if you are on the phone you count, you get the effects of all of the blessings and your god presence contributes to Dr. Dan’s work. On Behalf of Dr. Dan Mathews and all of you who participate, thank you for making a difference and contributing to shifting the consciousness of our planet.



Comments on: "Brazoria Group Healing This Evening 7:00p.m. Central" (1)

  1. Thank you to all who participated and assisted in healing the soul and bringing in the Age of Aquarius! Tonight’s recording will be up on later on tonight.

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