Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

A note from Dr. Dan Mathews and an invitation to join us tonight for the Houston Group Healing either in person or via teleconference.  Please email if you would like teleconference information.  There are also 3 openings for private appointments in Houston 2 in the A.M. and 1 in the P.M.  Saturday , March 24 (In 290/Eldridge area) Please contact  Judith Barker at 281.536.4263

Dear Friends,

The greatest year of ascension is 2012. It’s hard to realize that it took from the dawn of time (the great downfall) until Christmas of 2011 to get to the first of ten number sequences and now to date we are already through nine of the ten with the tenth coming in on May 6, 2012.

The first number sequence is the linear time line of the 1st -15th paradigms. This number sequence is the wall of a prison that we are all inmates in. It made 90% of our higher functions go dormant. The linear time line will collapse on December 8, 2012 and be no more. The 1st -14th paradigms will collapse into the15th and we will be on an exponential time orbit that goes15, 69, 177, 999… 999 to the power of 7. This will power up all of our potential functions like telepathy and multi-dimensional thought processing.

The reconnection of our brown ray (root chakra) and black ray (halo light) allows all of our fragments to stop repelling our continuum and to come back home. When this is completed we will know not fear or judgment.

As the exponential paradigms get installed in our fractal code it will generate great ascension of our consciousness. But out our backdoor we will continue to purge our own downfall (our own fears and beliefs). They must come up to come out. Stay out of your head. Don’t try to figure it out with your self (ego). Instead open your heart with the parable of Christ consciousness. This brings forth your all-knowing, 100% conscious Inner Holiness and knowing to light your path.

As of yet no one can see into 2013. A curtain has been pulled over it. A mighty construction is under way in the Aquarian Age. To gain its fullness we must show up each day and take our step in trust and allow the Holiness of Life to show and tell us what it is. In other words, live the parable of Christ Consciousness.

Until next time

Your friend,


Servant of Holy Divine Healing


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