Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Have you noticed that most of the paradigm shifts that Dr. Dan works with somehow coordinate with other events that other public people publicize? I love it that the information is out in the world for everyone to “catch” if they are looking or their soul is looking. A lot of the language is very similar or can be translated with ease to resonate with all the events. How does it get better than that???!!! We’re on the rocket ship no matter what we call it!!!!

As long as I have known Dr. Dan he has said that the occurrence of a paradigm shift in his work is about creating and establishing the template for that level of consciousness; so that it is available to all of humanity and the earth.  He has also said that once the template is created, it innervates the earth. Then each person can learn to apply it in their own lives. To me, this process has made it all much easier to do and be.

Templates can be equated to the skeletal structure of a building. Once that structure is available, the people get to decorate it, fill it with things, design the interior infrastructure etc. to suit their desires and needs. These paradigm templates are very similar. Each of us gets to begin the process of designing how we want to apply that consciousness in our lives. We do that every day, sometimes every minute, with every daydream, desire, thought and emotion. We get to decide consciously how we choose to interact with our relationships and world. The templates make it easier to choose to fulfill our dreams and ideal life.

Consider the power of contemplating the essence of each paradigm crystal and how it can be applied in your life.

The last paradigm crystals created for the earth and humanity have been:

February 3 – 15 to the power of 7th  paradigm – crystal of Holy 0 Right Action . Dr. Dan said that according the ancient Feelings Chart, Right Action replaces negative feelings of sex and that this crystal will begin to heal the misuse of sex within humanity.

February 6 –  69 to the power of 7th  paradigm – crystal of Holy 0 Guiding Light of Inner Knowing. He said that this crystal connected us with the temples of Migliomeglious where Melchizidek and the Great Crystal Beings live. He also said these temples are within each of us and this crystal will allow us to begin to experience this Guiding Light of Inner Knowing.

There are two more paradigm crystals coming by the first part of May. Stay tuned. When you feel out of sorts, spacey, crabby, tired, or “jangled” in any way, take notice of when the next paradigm is coming. Chances are that you will feel better either right before or right after that date. If you don’t feel anything different, don’t worry. It still works!!!

Please add your comments and/or experiences to share with the other followers of the blog.

Here to the journey!!
Cassandra Campbell



Comments on: "The last two paradigm shifts" (1)

  1. What I am noticing in my practice is folks experiencing a lot of right shoulder pain integrating these last templates. It seems that it has to do with integrating the divine aspects of creation.

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