Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dr. Dan recorded a short message for us on December 12th about the energies today with these coming new paradigms and how it is effecting us. He reminds us that saying the prayer he was given, that he calls the prayer of the Parable of Christ Consciousness, multiple times during the day is the best way to move these coming days. This message is to uplift you and your energies. He says that sometimes just talking about this to people starts the process of correcting a disconnect inside of us. Therefore, we are offering this recording of him speaking about the “why” we are feeling the ways we are these days AND the “how” to move this gracefully.Click on this link then click on “A short message from Dr. Dan” to hear his message.

The transcripts for the Texas group heaings will be available later this week. Keep coming back here to his blog.

Blessings, Cassandra


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