Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Just wanted you all to know that Dr. Dan is coming in this week end, September 16th, 17th and 18th  to Austin and is

Facilitating “The Group Healing” on Sunday at 2pm. I hope you’ll all join us for the many blessings and healings that come forth for Mother Earth and all of us that day.

As you know, Dr. Dan is the vessel for The Holy Divine Spirit of the Holy “O” that works through him to help heal and balance the energies of our planet. Please come and bless “The House of Light” with your high energy vibration, light and love. Remember you are the life giving cups that help fill and support the vessel.

On Tuesday I talked to Dr. Dan again regarding our drought situation here in Texas. While he was working with Spirit he discovered some very interesting things. Below you can read what he has to say! 

It looks like we All  must change our ways of thinking, feeling and expressing our selves daily in every aspect of our lives~

Dr. Dan’s statement”

 Dr. Dan says that the origin of the “High Pressure Dome” that’s hovering over Texas comes from the collective mass consciousness of the “mental and emotional body of humanity” This Holographic Fractal of the High Pressure Dome is causing the drought conditions. He says to refrain from dwelling on fear over the economic conditions, politics and our conscious activity of villain-izing the opposition. In other words stop living in the survival mode.

He says it all has to do with processing reality thru your own transformation.

Transformation is Low consciousness! To perceive life through your “higher consciousness” allows you to see the bigger picture of life and allows you to understand your own transformation. This will protect you from getting pulled into the lower worlds.

It allows you to call forth the good in others and perceive the “wholeness” of life as it fulfills your needs. So take all these problems of transformation and stop trying to figure them out yourself. Surrender them to your inner holiness in order to jump start your being into accession consciousness, which IS the higher consciousness!  

 Steps of Down Fall at the Current cutting edge of Higher Consciousness:

It started when our Will  separated!  Our Divine Will  became Free Will.

Prior to this event we only wanted what was good for us, good for life and others. This was our Divine Will from the Knowing of our Inner Knowing. When our Will separated we started wanting things for our self, at the expense of others! It was bad for life in general! This caused the Truthful Processor of the present to Blow Out and that caused the Intelligent Body of the Spirit to blowout.

This caused the Telepathy Body to become our Pain Body which stole the Joy and Happiness of our Inner Child and our Soul to break apart and its servant “The Ego” became its Master!

WOW~Makes sense to me~

The human condition of belief of the Ego was born and dominated the Emotional and Metal Body; hence the “Human Condition” was born!

This Holographic Fractal of our Emotional and Metal Body is this High Pressure Dome in Texas!

Well there you have it! Now let’s see what magic can be worked through all to change the condition of our situation!

 Much Love, Light and Blessings to All~

Michele Charette
Cell: 560-1498/ 512-358-6035

Life is Full of Infinite possibilities ~
Honor and Trust in the Outcome!


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