Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Bring forth these seven levels of consciousness. I found out that the 0-Ioda is connected to goddess consciousness and unconsciousness and mass conscious. Then the Omega is cosmic conscious, subconscious, and mass conscious. And O-Alpha is Christ conscious, conscious and mass conscious. They all connect to mass conscious, and then they connect two each to the other six that are unique. Once that came forth and I could do them all in one fell-swoop, it had a real calming and balancing effect on what had been volcanoes and earthquakes. (Laughter).
This started on that Grand Cross. It was the Grand Cross that gave us the opportunity to switch the Universal Intuition off of One and back to 0. When that happened, getting these seven levels of consciousness innervated with these three icons became very important. It’s as if this restored order.
We’ve been through the toughest transformation yet, I think.
The soul is the Alpha. Talking about changing the relationship from the Alpha being the father of your inner child and becoming this alpha male of domination and warring. The difference between the ego of the Holy Soul and the fragmented soul AND the inner child and the adult. That is another component of this relationship thing. I think that the way this interfaces with Self is why people choose relationships the way they choose them.
You know, I’ve asked the Holiness of Life several times what is the preferred way of relationship and it always says bi-sexual. And heterosexual is the least preferred way. The aspects of self of trying to heal Self, of trying to save one’s Soul, and getting this relationship of 0-alpha, 0mega and 0-Ioda back to its Universal Intuition of 0. That is the key.
This Universal Intuition of One was the change that was made that caused the Great Downfall. The Universal Intuition of One creates the feelings of fear, those seventy negative feelings. And that makes the tone and reality that creates belief. Man’s world on this planet is a reality of belief. That is what the Universal Intuition of One creates.
The Universal Intuition of 0 makes the seventy feelings of love that creates the reality of the knowing of your inner holiness in your life. That’s where things are right now. When you do all seven levels of consciousness on one triangle also in each corner is the Holy 0 of Cosmic Plexus (that horse tail thing I explained before), it makes this universal intuition of 0. Getting all of that hooked up in its proper calibration and synchronicity through this Plexus and then return back to the Universal Intuition of 0 has unbelievable effects on our ascension process. The purge that this creates is the craziness we are all going through.
To get through all this takes for all of us to show up and do our gifts. We’re going to have a good one this trip, I know that for sure. This compression has been intense. It is going be very incredible this last time through on the 12th paradigm. I knew when I saw the lengths of time between the 12th and the 13th paradigms that this was really going to be a big one. And it really has.
You know, this 13th will be the final one on what has been on this earth before heaven on earth. The 14th and 15th have never been here before. They’re part of this new sacred geometry that is making the 13 a part of the 15. The 14 and 15 are going to be totally off the chart because they’ve never been here before. We’re going where we’ve never been before. Then when we get through 15, the 15 point sacred geometry of the Eye of Goddess will become a part of the 69 point of Divine Intervention and that will become a part of 177. It is just going to keep going up these number sequences until it gets back to 0. There are 10 of them and we are on the first one. We are going to sail through all these.
July 12, 2010
The lunar eclipse Sunday brought the NOW back into the HERE. The moon is back into the 0-ness of the Great Central Sun. There is no more dark side to the moon.
The Model of ONE took NOW out of HERE. We are going back into 0 and in the Omega Model.
The Holy 0-Alpha is the Holy Soul.
The Holy 0mega is the Holy Spirit.
The Holy 0-Ioda is the Holy Divine Presence.
The Holy 0 Plexus is not the Claudia Equina I thought it was. It connects all things from the universes to the three primary cells in our bodies’.
Now that we are doing these equations with all three of these at the same time, we get connected to the “bedrock” (of balance and order).
We’ve all paid our dues to get this equation and healing now.
(There was more about the 7 star systems and the dimensions but I couldn’t understand it enough to write it down. Somehow they gave to do with how the personality changes.)

Dr. Dan has given us a prayer to help be in Christ Consciousness:
Lord of my Being – or – Living Holiness of my Being,
I accept all things in my life that are pain and misery as my own and I forgive myself for all negative experiences.
I now surrender all of my human density of fears, worries, etc to you as I now yield to your will in my life.
I take my next step in trusting you without understanding what is around the next corner.
I am asking you for guidance. Please show me the way.
FORGIVE, SURRENDER, YIELD, TRUST, ASK FOR GUIDANCE. These are the cornerstones of this prayer.
I am saying this many, many times a day. I start and end my day with this. I encourage you to do the same. And it is good to use whatever healing modality you are familiar with to release the old beliefs as they come up.
Dr. Dan’s group healing is Tuesday, July 13th, at 7:30pm cdt. It is $35+ and well worth it. It is also available by teleconference if you cannot be here in person. Please invite anyone you know to this healing/blessing/releasing.
If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Dan Mathews or energy psychology clearings, please go read about them on those pages on my website . You are also very welcome to call me at 210-200-8723.


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