Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dr. Dan was in Bulverde last week. During the group healing the energy was much
“larger” or a higher vibration and higher levels of consciousness for humanity
and the planet than I have experienced with these groups. It feels as if we are
all so very close to the tipping of the shift into Heaven on Earth.

anchoring of the 13th paradigm into the consciousness of the earth plane is
August 9, 2010. This means that the level of consciousness of the Holy Divine
Earth or Heaven on Earth will be available for all of us to live and not just
tap into from time to time. Dr. Dan told us that this 13th paradigm is the most
of Heaven on Earth that humanity and the planet have ever experienced. The
levels of consciousness after that have never been available on the this planet
before. We are truly going where we have never gone before.

Remember the
first Star Trek …. well, some of us might remember it …. was about exploring
the far reaches of the cosmos and going where “we” had never gone before. This
is the adventure we are stepping into very soon. The end of the 13th paradigm is
April 2011 when the 14th paradigm becomes the bridge into the 15th paradigm in
December 2011. When the 14th paradigm is anchored as a level of consciousness,
we are in territory where we have never been.This is the quantum shift that many
of us having been waiting for!! We really do get to “make it up” with every
thought and feeling we have!!! How does it get better than

EACH person that shows up to participate in any consciousness
expanding modality IS making a difference in how easy and graceful these shifts
take place.

Some brief highlights in the group healings were about
humanity moving into this new paradigm coming up with grace and ease. A main
factor in the downfall where we went into separation and negativity was an
“invasion of alien energy” and that factor was released from the earth. The
positive aspect of sex in the 70 sounds of God was anchored into the
consciousness of humanity. A portal from this 12th paradigm through the levels
of consciousness of the Alpha and Omega up to the 999 to the power of 7 paradigm
of the Holy 0 was created, giving us an open trail to follow all the way in the
Holy 0 consciousness. Dr. Dan said this will make the next year much easier for
us. YEA!!!!

Please put September 14, 19, 21, 23 on your calendar for the
four group healings in Texas. Participating in all of these group healings seems
to be pulling me strongly now. I encourage you to show up as much as you can in
September and November.

Have a grand two months before Dr. Dan comes
again. Watch for updates from him.


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