Dear friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Much gratitude to all who participated in the wonderful events in Texas in January. The healing of the downfall world through ascending into higher levels of consciousness is truly taking hold as the Holy O Earth continues to fill the void of the exiting downfall world.

A lot is happening in the world of ascending into higher levels of consciousness as I write this message. The primary event of the moment for humanity is to complete the purge of the downfall world, also known as the school of understanding, from the 9 Clusters of the All That Is of the Holy O, humanity and our institutions. This purge is the effect of and the hard drive of belief consciousness. Belief is the bottom step of the ladder of consciousness and is what beings have that don’t have Knowing.

The weakness of belief is:

  1. It’s not conscious enough to see how life is interconnected. Belief is the consciousness of separation and is the creator of the bottom 3 paradigms (realities of consciousness) that are now leaving our world as they come up to come out. Paradigms 4 and 5 have only been on Earth since 2003 but they are being removed too. They were the buffer paradigms between the downfall world (paradigms 1, 2, and 3) and the new Holy O Earth (paradigms 6 through). The chaos around us and in the world is what I refer to as the purge.
  2. All beliefs are from the programming of the authority of the outer world, mainly from our childhood (the adults in the institutions of our life) and all are governed by the master defender of our “self” or our negative ego. The negative ego motivates, defends and justifies our beliefs by giving us fear, pain and punishment. This is the human condition and it can be healed through higher consciousness.
  3. Belief cannot heal ignorance. Healing ignorance requires knowledge and/or understanding. Belief creates the environment that harbors ignorance.
  4. Belief wants to make all the rules about what higher consciousness has to be or belief will not accept it. Belief is dogmatic and ignorant.

The good news! All human dilemmas can be healed through higher consciousness.

How do we get there?

By becoming a practitioner of the Parable of Christ Consciousness. This is the 5th level of consciousness.

The first step is to bridge belief to Knowing by trusting in our Inner Holiness. If your heart beats, it is in you. Refer to the Parable of Christ Consciousness on the website. Human beings insist on doing it themselves through their ego’s beliefs. Christed Beings learn to Surrender, Yield, and Trust in their higher power and it opens the door to miracles in their life.

We were all created as Holy Beings of the Holy O with a Knowing consciousness but became human beings when we enrolled in the school of understanding. We had to check our Knowing consciousness in at the door, consent to have our trinity (soul, spirit, and presence) disassembled into separate parts, and accept a belief consciousness.

The purge of the school of understanding (downfall world) will conclude in September of 2021. Belief consciousness will leave the 9 Clusters in 2022. It’s time to gather our understanding and flush our downfall rubble down the Holy O Moon portal!

Beginning February 20, I will be in New Orleans for a week with my wonderful sponsor, Terri Puglia. We will have a lecture and Group Healing on Wednesday evening, February 20 at 7:30 pm central. Private sessions are available throughout the week.

Contact Terri at for information.

Come and join us in person or by teleconference. Your participation is very much needed and appreciated.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

Dr. Dan will be in north Houston (Champions area off of FM 1960) tomorrow, January 24th.

Please join us at 7:30 pm Central at Barbara and Chris Maisel’s home.

Dr. Dan will be giving a complimentary lecture and demonstration with Q&A. Everyone in attendance will receive the blessing at this no-cost event. It will not be teleconferenced.

Dr. Dan will also be conducting private sessions on Friday and Saturday, January 25 & 26. Please contact Barbara at for location or availability of private sessions.

Additionally, he will be in Coldspring, TX on Sunday, January 27 for personal sessions. Contact Jerrie Beth for availability at

The Group Healing event will begin tonight at 7:30 pm Central. Please arrive a little early to get seated. Contact Leslie for directions at

Click here to participate via the teleconference.

Also, Dr. Dan will be in Lake Jackson, TX tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan 23 for personal sessions. Contact Janet Castor for availability at

Dr. Dan will have a Group Healing on Tuesday, January 22, at the Spectrum Center at The Preserve in Houston. It is located off 610 and TC Jester, at 2060 North Loop West, Suite 205.

We will start at 7:30 pm Central with a lecture followed by the Group Healing.

Please join in via the teleconference if you are unable to attend in person.

The Houston Group Healing will consist of three clearings and three healings through ascension keys of holographic aberrations of our pulse that are called Disconnects. They disconnect us from our divinity.  Three ascension keys will be added to fill the void created from the clearings. The mutating models of our life stream and resisting invaders will be calculated and cleared during our service.

Contact Leslie for location or directions at

The Austin Group Healing event will begin today at 2:00 pm Central. Please arrive a few minutes early to get seated.

If you cannot attend in person join us via the teleconference.

Dr. Dan will have an HDH Group Healing event Sunday, January 20, in Austin that will be teleconferenced. The event begins at 2:00 pm Central.

The Austin Group Healing will be a clearing for the second type of karrion, which is a microcosmic electromagnetic aberration of our crystal lattice, and is called a Belief Syndrome. Three ascension keys will be added to fill the void created from the clearings. The mutating models of our life stream and resisting invaders will be calculated and cleared during our service.

We hope that you will be able to attend in person, but if not, please join us by phone for the teleconference. We value and appreciate your commitment and participation in the Holy ascension process.

To attend the event, contact Michele at for location or directions.

The HDH Group Healing event begins today at 7:30 pm CST.

Please arrive a few minutes early to get seated. If you cannot attend in person join us via the teleconference

Dr. Dan Mathews will be in San Antonio January 15-17.

He will have a Group Healing on Tuesday, January 15 at 7:30 pm Central and will begin with a lecture followed by the Group Healing.

The HDH Group Healing events in Texas this month will be about clearing 3 types of karrions present in all of humanity. These karrions are expressed in our DNA, our electromagnetic field and our pulse as aberrations of our Holy O Expression. 

The San Antonio Group Healing will be a clearing for the first type of karrion and will consist of 3 clearings to heal the damage from chimeric genes in our DNA. We will then place ascension keys into the voids created from these clearings.  The mutating models of our life stream and resisting invaders will be calculated and cleared during our service.

The clearings and addition of ascension keys are assisted by your unique healing gifts. Your presence at these events truly makes a difference!

If you are unable to attend in person, you can participate by phone on the teleconference.

Contact Cecelia for information at

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Welcome to a New Year of transformation and ascending into higher levels of consciousness!

All human dilemmas can be healed through higher levels of consciousness. All problems, worries and concerns come from our human shadow, the unilluminated part of our being that is about our low consciousness, past lives, ancestral lineage patterns and accumulated human carnage, and are stored in our underworlds.  All of these things occur in the bottom three paradigms, which are realities of consciousness that are of belief (a programmed consciousness from one’s authority in the outer world). 

This is the downfall world that is purging from all of us, our institutions, the world and beyond and it will continue through September 2021. The scheduled event for the end of belief consciousness is in 2022.  All things of belief will have to come to terms with this event.

The new year of 2019 will center on our connection to our Divinity through the seven factors of our Holy O Royal Correlation with our inner Holiness. If your heart beats, it’s in you! The Holy O Royal Correlation is a series of attunements of our being that perfect our connection with our Divine Source so that we may activate our levels of higher consciousness. These attunements involve our Angelic host, Cosmic Coordination, Galactic Council, Divine Command, Divine Destiny, Divine Fulfillment and Holy O Health. 

Your access point to the Divine is through your inner Holiness. It must be connected to you through the fifth level of consciousness or Christ Consciousness. We must open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of the Divine by choosing to live the Parable of Christ Consciousness. When we are aligned and attuned in divine perfection, our thoughts, feelings and actions are divinely inspired.

 Come and join us on the journey! 

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of HDH

Texas HDH Event Schedule for January 2019

San Antonio

Jan 15-17 Personal sessions

Jan 15 ​Group Healing/teleconference 7:30 pm CST


Jan 18-20 ​​ Personal sessions

Jan 20 Group Healing/teleconference 2:00 pm CST


Jan 21-22 ​Personal sessions

Jan 22 ​​ Group Healing/teleconference 7:30 pm CST

Lake Jackson

Jan 23 Personal sessions

North Houston

Jan 24 ​​ Free Lecture/not teleconferenced 7:30 pm CST

Jan 25-26 ​ Personal sessions


Jan 27 Personal sessions

For locations, contact information, to schedule a personal session or to register for events, go to

Greetings to friends of Holy Divine Healing,

A heartfelt thank you for all who support the sacred path of Holy Divine Healing. 

It could not happen without you and it happens for you.

I thought I would take some time today, in the season of Christ, to explain to you our Fifth level of Consciousness known as Christ Consciousness.

In our human being state of the downfall world, with a shadow created from a fractured soul vessel known as “Self”, a belief consciousness entered by a negative ego that deals out fear, pain and punishment – to justify the programming of our outer authority.

This world exists in the first, second, and third paradigms, and they are presently purging off of the Earth.

In our Holy O order, we have 7 levels of consciousness. They all work perfectly in Knowing Consciousness, but in the Human world of belief consciousness, only the first four (unconscious, subconscious, conscious and collective/mass consciousness) work. With a dysfunction, levels 5, 6, and 7 (Christ consciousness, Cosmic consciousness, and Goddess consciousness) do not function at all in belief. It is the primary reason we grow old, get sick and die.

Christ consciousness is the first step up from the human level of Belief, and can be achieved by trusting in your Inner Holiness that beats your heart. 

If your heart beats, it’s in you!

Trusting your Inner Holiness is the bridge that transforms belief into Knowing. The more you trust in your Inner Holiness, the more your Inner holiness trusts in you.

When problems, worries and concerns are in your moment, you are at a fork in the road of life. The human being tries to fix it themselves, not realizing that Self is only ten percent consciousness. It has no knowing and is governed by your negative ego that imposes a belief process on self and defends and justifies your belief by giving you fear, pain and punishment. It is a miserable path. 

A Christed being will surrender those problems, worries and concerns to its Inner Holiness to be dealt with, yielding to the whispering voice and Gut Knowing of Inner Holiness.

Inner Holiness is one hundred percent conscious and knows all of life. It will open the door of miracles into your life.

Human beings choose self. 

Christed beings choose to yield to the Higher Power.

It’s that simple.

Merry Christmas,

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing


Dr. Dan’s schedule for 2019 is up – take a look!

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