The HDH Group Healing event begins today at 7:30 pm Central. It is by teleconference only.

Please call in about 10 to 15 minutes before the event. You will hear soft background music until the event begins.

If you have any problems, please email

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Dr. Dan Mathews will have an HDH Group Healing teleconference on Tuesday July 7 at 7:30 pm Central. This Group Healing was originally scheduled to be held in San Antonio but will be by teleconference only from his home in Arkansas.

He will begin with an update of what is going on in the world and an explanation of the six cosmic tools. During the Group Healing two of the cosmic tools will be integrated into the hard drive of the Earth grid for humanity, the Holy O Earth, and the Inner Earth. This Group Healing will integrate the cosmic ring connector and the cosmic genesis tool. Each cosmic tool will have two clearings, the addition of two ascension keys and then a group blessing application of the tools.

The revelations of the Plan of Grand Design continue to unfold and have been essential for the ascension process. Group Healings are for all of humanity and are done through the collective of mass consciousness. We are assisted by the Holy O temples of the neutron stars. The clearings and addition of ascension keys are assisted by your unique healing gifts. Now more than ever your presence at these events is needed and truly makes a difference!

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Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

I’ve am honored to be writing this message to you on Father’s Day. I have wonderful memories from my past of Father’s Day family reunions. I am fortunate to have had such great role models in my family and realize how important fathers are to their children and families. I have been very blessed in this life with wonderful family, the one I was raised in, the one I helped create with my wife and children and with the Holy Divine Healing family. You are all family to me.

When things were tough in my life, my father had a way of creating a bigger picture for me that allowed things to have purpose and for hope of a better day to come. I would like to do this now for you concerning the world we are living in today.

The bigger picture of life is a creation of much higher consciousness then we are currently experiencing. When we rise above the present situations, suddenly life has purpose and there is great hope for what is to come. Only in the combat zone of where the rubber meets the road is there chaos, confusion and fear. The darkness of humanity, based on the beliefs of the negative ego, tries to keep us in the combat zone by separating us by our differences.

In belief consciousness, our ego creates fear, pain and punishment.

In Knowing consciousness, our ego creates appreciation, approval and acceptance.

The greater consumes the lesser.

We are now in the darkest days of the great purge of the human downfall world. It started on the full moon eclipse of September 2015 and will end in September of 2021. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. The corruption of human institutions will all be cleansed with other big surprises that are sure to come.

Why is this occurring? It’s because we are evolving into a new Holy O Earth with humanity, Holy O Earth and the Inner Earth in a trinity of oneness. For this to happen we must clean up our mess both personally and collectively.

How shall we do this? I recommend that we do this by living the Parable of Christ Consciousness. This allows the ‘big you”, your Inner Divinity, to relieve your human effort of doing it yourself, the “little you”,  and rise above the personal chaos, fear and bleak future that is based on your belief and allow you to be shown, led and comforted by the higher power of Knowing consciousness from the Lord of your Being, your higher power. And it’s all in agreement from one person to another. Knowing consciousness of the Divine unites all people. Our belief consciousness separates us into religion, race, politics, gender etc.

The HDH Texas trip scheduled for July will happen virtually from my home in Arkansas. I have some times available for individual phone session but I am limited as I must have a surrogate for the phone sessions and it depends on their availability.

Spirit has told me that we are entering a new molecular orbit of vast expansion and the Group Healings will be turbo charged and will speak to the needs of everyone who participates. This is how HDH will be propagated in the foreseeable future. Participating in Group Healings from our homes or in small groups will help to keep us all safe in during these times. I must trust in my new directive from the Divine.

Please join me as hope for a new Holy O Earth takes form based on the Knowing of our Lord, our Inner divinity. In the Knowing of our Inner Holiness, the solutions to belief consciousness of our human condition are healed. The greater holds the answer to the lesser. All are invited to participate in the 3 upcoming teleconferences and help in the efforts to transform our human existence into the Holy Order of Holy O and heal humanity and the planet.

Your friend,
Dr. Dan
Servant of HDH

July 2020 HDH Group Healing Teleconference Schedule

July 7

San Antonio HDH Teleconference 7:30 pm CT

July 12

Austin​​ HDH teleconference 2:00 pm CT

July 14

Houston HDH teleconference 7:30 pm CT

The subject of the three Group Healings will be about integrating the six cosmic tools of our cosmic being into the hard drive of the Earth grid for humanity, the Holy O Earth, and the Inner Earth. The Group Healings will consist of an update of what’s going on in the world and an explanation of the cosmic tools. Two cosmic tools will be integrated during each Group Healing.

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The Group Healing teleconference event is today, May 16 at 7:00 pm Central (8:00 pm ET, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT) by teleconference.

When purchasing the teleconference, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the download. It will be a separate email from the purchase confirmation.

For questions about purchasing the teleconference, or if you don’t receive the download, contact Vicki at

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Hello Everyone,

I am having a Group Healing by teleconference only on Saturday, May 16 at 7:00 PM Central (8:00 ET, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT) It was originally planned to be held live in Bloomington, MN but will instead be teleconferenced from Little Rock, AR. I have beautiful new clearings and Ascension Keys for the Group Healing teleconference.

Group Healing:  Plan of Grand Design

The Group Healing will have three parts. Each part will have two clearings performed, and the addition of two Ascension Keys for humanity, Earth, and inner Earth.

  1. Divine Inspiration 
  2. Divine Plan of Action
  3. Divine Guidance 

Come and be a part of the great unfoldment of the new Holy O Earth and our Holy Being of the Holy O.

Your Friend and Servant of Holy Divine Healing,

Dr. Dan

Click here to purchase the teleconference

When purchasing the teleconference, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the download. It will be a separate email from the purchase confirmation.

For questions about purchasing the teleconference, contact Vicki at

We hope that you can participate during the live event but if you are unable to attend, a recording will be posted in the store a few days afterward.

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

In the bigger picture of life, there is an understanding of the world we live in and great hope in that which is to come.

When the bigger picture is created through higher consciousness, it allows us to see our issues in a new light with newly discovered options, have a moment of truth and get free. It also allows us to have a higher capacity to keep our life in a good place.

We are in the world of the great purge of our human downfall or shadow world. This purge is fueled by our ascension into higher consciousness. The higher up we go, the deeper our shadow will be purged. This ensures that we clean up our mess as we ascend. If we approach our purge by living the Parable of Christ Consciousness and embrace responsibility for our purge, we can do this with dignity and grace. If we approach our purge by trying to figure it out ourselves, avoiding responsibility, or blaming others for our bad choices, we will go down our path kicking and screaming in fear or a with a big, ugly belly flop into our problems. But only if we insist! 

Fear lowers our consciousness and closes our mind and heart.

Fear makes us dumb.

I invite you to push the easy button, open your heart and mind. Allow the higher power, your inner divinity, to show, tell and lead you by living the Parable of Christ Consciousness. Surrender, yield and trust in your higher power. 

Come and be a part of the great unfoldment of the new Holy O Earth and our Holy Being of the Holy O. Bring your sacred gifts to be part of the healing of humanity and the Earth and the creation of a new Holy Being. The new Holy O Being has a Knowing consciousness, understands all of life, and is in harmony with the Earth and all of its kingdoms and dominions.

The next service to accomplish these goals is the Group Healing for the Minneapolis – St. Paul area that will be hosted by teleconference only from Little Rock, Arkansas. All light workers of the Divine are invited to attend.

Your friend, 

Dr. Dan
Servant of Holy Divine Healing

The Group Healing event is by teleconference on Saturday, May 16 at 7:00 pm Central (8:00 pm ET, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT). After purchasing the teleconference, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the download. It will be a separate email. Click here to purchase the teleconference

For questions about purchasing the teleconference contact Vicki at

You are invited to join us in the Group Healing today. Please call in a few minutes early to give yourself time to get settled. We will start at 2:30 pm ET (1:30 CT, 12:30 MT, 11:30 PT) with a brief lecture and then begin the Group Healing.

Even attending remotely, you will be assisting in anchoring and transmitting the most recent energetic upgrades for yourself and all of humanity.

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Hello Everyone,

The following events will be occurring at the Group Healing for humanity tomorrow. We hope you will be able to join us for this wonderful opportunity to help raise the paradigm of the Earth, yourself, and all others to higher consciousness.

The topic of the Group Healing will be to create the Great Unfoldment. There are 3 parts which include:

  1. Holy O Eye of Androgyne
  2. Holy O Councils of Neutron Stars
  3. Holy O Manifestations

Each of the 3 components of the Great Unfoldment will include 2 clearings and the addition of 2 Ascension Keys.

Group Healing – Sunday, April 26 at 2:30 pm ET (1:30 CT, 12:30 MT, 11:30 PT). This event is remote-only. Please join us by teleconference.

We look forward to being with you!

Dr. Dan

Greetings, all. We have an update to share with you about Holy Divine Healing in Indianpolis this month.

The Indiana Governor has extended a stay-at-home order until May 1. Because of this, we unfortunately must cancel the in-person Holy Divine Healing Workshop events in Indianapolis. Instead, the Indianapolis event will be conducted from our home in Arkansas. For all phone listeners, nothing will change. For those that planned to attend in person, you may still participate in these events remotely. The Lecture on Thursday, April 23 will still be free to all (see details below), and the Group Healing on Sunday, April 26 will be available by purchasing the teleconference here.

We will dedicate the blessings on April 23 to health and strength, and keeping the body in a renewed state of growth. Next, on April 26, all participants will receive the Blessing of Higher Consciousness, which will be collectively created by the group’s Inward Divinity. Your unique sacred gift will bring forth ascension to the Earth grid, so that all humanity can reside in the higher frequencies of consciousness.

The Sunday Group Healing will feature the Great Unfoldment as we create the energetic architecture needed to allow us to perceptually access the higher intelligence of our Divine Source Within. There will be six equations preformed addressing our Holy O Eye of Androgyne, Holy O Councils of the Neutron Stars, and Holy O Manifestations.

Please know that we care deeply about your well being during this challenging time. We invite you join us in the return to the Inner Source of peace, health, and good fortune by participating in these healing activities next week.

Trust in your Inner Holiness to lead you through these troubled times.

Free Group Lecture and Demonstration by teleconference
Thursday, April 23
6:00 pm CT / 7:00 ET
Teleconference Number: 302-202-1110
PIN: 771547

Sunday Group Healing: The Great Unfoldment
Sunday, April 26
1:30 pm CT / 2:30 pm ET
purchase teleconference here

Please contact Diane at or email if you need help rescheduling a personal session.

Dear Friends of Holy Divine Healing,

Due to the pandemic we are pushing back the Indianapolis workshop one week to April
23-26. This aligns with Indiana’s current stay at home policy, which is set to expire on
April 20.

The free lecture and demonstration will be on Thursday, April 23 at 7:00 pm Eastern.
The teleconference number is 302-202-1110 and the access PIN is 771547. The Group
Healing will be Sunday, April 26 at 2:30 pm ET (1:30 pm CT, 12:30 pm MT, 11:30 pm

Diane, the Indianapolis sponsor, and I have had several conference calls about the
workshop and she has written a beautifully worded summary of the event that I would
like to share with you.

From Diane:
“The concept of our design as a Holy Being is immaculate perfection. These patterns of
perfection were disrupted by the downfall experience. The light circuits of our energetic
architecture that transmit the light of our Divine Potentials were damaged and some
were broken completely.

As we repair this damage, we heal the discord of belief reflected in the chaos that is
prevalent within the collective of mass consciousness today as the darkest shadows of
fear and death are purged from our being. This work includes the quantum application
of nesting geometries to repair critically integral aspects of our light body and the etheric
imprint that predicts and precedes our physical manifestation in this reality.

From the broadest energetic perspective, our brown ray is the light ray that connects
our spirit body to our root chakra. Our root chakra is the holographic equivalent of the
Inner Earth. The Inner Earth is the core of the Nine Clusters, the energetic
configuration of all creation within The Holy O. All of these aspects must be connected
and operate in alignment to permit the personal and planetary expression of Cosmic
Life as a Holy Being.

Our brown ray was broken during the Great Downfall. As a result, our ability to receive,
anchor, and transmit the refined energies of higher life expression was compromised.
We became separated energetically from our Divinity Within and devolved into human
form. Our Divine Source became something that was perceived as being outside of

When we are separated from our Divinity Within, we are energetically vulnerable to a
viral range of consciousness transmitted via certain pathogens. This can be very
traumatizing to us as it triggers deep past life and ancestral lineage issues within us.

Blind adherence to artificial belief systems takes a greater hold of us and fear and
suffering contaminates our life experience.

We now have the geometries needed to repair our brown ray, allowing our reconnection
to our Divinity Within and our evolution into Goddess Consciousness. As we do this,
our Inner Earth emerges. The landscape of our life expression expands into quantum
fields previously inaccessible to us as that which is within emerges into our conscious
awareness. We now begin The Great Unfoldment of this into our reality of life
experience and expression. We do not know what this is going to look like, but we do
know that it will be unlike anything we have ever experienced.

Dr. Dan has received the assignments to be completed in the Group Healing at the
Indianapolis April Workshop. The Great Unfoldment of the Inner Earth begins with this
workshop. In addition, Dr. Dan has new cosmic tools to clear the trauma that has
affected many during this current public health situation. It is vital to our health that we
restore within us the harmony needed to maintain our steady path forward. Holy Divine
Healing provides us with the advanced tools needed to do this.

We invite you to join us for the Indianapolis April Workshop!”

Dr. Dan Mathews
Indianapolis Workshop
April 23-26, 2020
Personal treatment sessions
April 23-26

Free Group Lecture and Demonstration
with Free Teleconference
Thursday, April 23
7:00 pm ET (6:00 pm CT, 5:00 pm MT, 4:00 pm PT)
Teleconference Number: 302-202-1110
PIN number 771547

Group Healing
Sunday, April 26
2:30 pm ET (1:30 pm CT, 12:30 pm MT, 11:30 pm PT)
In person or by teleconference
Purchase teleconference here

If you would like to schedule a personal treatment session or attend the Lecture with Dr.
Dan while he is in Indianapolis April 23-26, please email Diane for availability

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