Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dear Friends,

A heart felt thank you to all of the light workers who participated in the New Orleans Group Healing.  We have connected and healed the Crystal Lattice of our ego body through the mass consciousness of humanity for all people and the Earth. Hopefully, we will see the evidence of this great healing soon through the appearance of the infinite expression of appreciation, approval and acceptance expressed through the consciousness and awareness of common people.

We now have new blessings for water that are not only about water but about all of us as well.  This water blessing has taken Holy Divine Healing to a new level of effectiveness and service to humanity. One drop of water has more capacity for memory than all of the computers on Earth. We imprint each drop with our thoughts and feelings. The Holy O Order of Water has set a new high for excellence, perfection and healing. The six billion plus Earths are all interconnected by water. The inner wisdom and knowledge of water is a main pillar of life. Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness is the most excellent way to imprint water. If you can imprint one drop, then the one drop will do the rest. 

Your Friend,

Dr. Dan

If you cannot attend in person join us via the teleconference.

The event begins at 7:30 pm CST. Please arrive a few minutes early.

For assistance with the teleconference, send your questions to

A quick reminder that Dr. Dan Mathews will be in New Orleans tomorrowSeptember 6 for a Group Healing which will be Teleconferenced.

The event begins at 7:30 pm CST.

If you are unable to attend in person, please join this gathering by phone on the teleconference to allow your gifts to be part of the process. Contact Terri at for more information or local directions.

For assistance with the teleconference, send your questions to

**NOTE** Time Correction –  Group Healing is 7:30 pm central (not 7:00 pm)

Dr. Dan will be arriving in New Orleans next week. He has received new blessings for personal sessions and for the Group Healing that will be teleconferenced. The group healing will take place on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 7:30 PM central. Private sessions are scheduled for September 6-10. Contact Terri for availability or directions to the Group Healing if you are local and would like to attend in person.

At the beginning of the Group Healing, a clearing will be performed on our negative ego body through the mass consciousness of all humanity, and a new Crystal Lattice installed for the return of our positive ego body from our ancient world recording. This is a monumental step in the ascension of our Soul. Please join us!

The names of the blessings for the group healing are:

  1. Grand Design of the Holy O Freedom of all Worlds
  2. Grand Design of the Holy O Spark of Divine Creations
  3. Grand Design of the Holy O Temple of Divine Action
  4. Grand Design of the Holy O Creation of our Divine Spark of Life

These blessings are broadcast over mass consciousness into the ethers of the 9 Clusters of the All That Is of the Holy O and the Earth. This is such an exciting time for us to be gathering to assist in the upliftment of ourselves, our families, humanity and our Earth.

This is a vitally important Divine Plan to advance our next step in the Ascension process. If you feel led by your Inner Holiness, please join us on Tuesday for the Group Healing/teleconference. You have an important role to play in this divine mission. Being there in person or on the phone allows your personal gifts to be part of the process.

We look forward to having you join us at this gathering!

Dear Friends of HDH,

Many thanks for all who participated in our seminar-lecture and Group Healing in Indianapolis . The new work done there on the new Crystal Lattice of the Paradigm Matrix was perfect. The New Matrix starts at the 6th paradigm and goes through 999Paradigm. The bottom 5 paradigms (1-5) can no longer create on Earth and have about 5 years to run their course. The bottom 5 paradigms are on the same schedule as the exodus of the downfall world – about 5 more years. 

The new information that came in about the Celtic Order was very useful as well and was needed to connect our Soul, Spirit and Presence into a fully integrated Holy O.

Our next project is about water and the multitude of wonderful things it does, its connection to our emotional bodies and what happened to us through the Great Flood. The Great Flood is the line of demarcation from previously living about 800 years down to 30 – 50 years and from previously having a Crystal Light body to now having DNA. In the 9 Clusters of the All that Is of the Holy O, there are over 6 billion Earths and they are all connected by their oceans. Water plays a huge role in life and in all living things.

Our next seminar-lecture and Group Healing starts on September 6, 2016 in New Orleans. The Group Healing on September 6 begins at 7:00 pm central time and will put the new Crystal Lattice of our Holy O Ego Body into the mass consciousness of humanity. What an important next step in the Ascension of Humanity this is! 

As I have said before, our ego body is what monitors our Soul vessel and allows us to have consciousness and awareness–but it only makes trouble for us if our Soul vessel is fractured. A fractured Soul vessel is called “self” and self is the human condition of the downfall world. The new Crystal Lattice of our ego body is very similar to the ancient world recording ego body found in the Crystal Lattice of our Spirit world body. But it has a very important upgrade – it totally integrates into the 10 crystal exponential time-space coordinate system that replaces the ancient world matrix of Heaven on Earth aka the 13 dimensional matrix.

I call forth all light workers to assist us in this great unfoldment by attending the Group Healing in person, on the teleconference or free-style in your own way. All are welcome and very much appreciated and approved of. We accept you right where you are.

Your friend,

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing

Water is a living and conscious element and an integral aspect of all life.  We are comprised primarily of water, as is our beautiful blue planet.  Water hydrates and nourishes all life within our ecosphere.  It is also a source of power (wave, tide, and hydroelectric energy), visual beauty, sound therapy, recreation, and transportation.  It is also capable of assuming multiple forms, from a solid to a liquid to a gas.

And yet it is so much more.  Water is a multidimensional medium of connection and communication, as well.  One that is capable of receiving, storing, and transmitting vast quantities of information in ways and at speeds that we are just beginning to discover.   One that is capable of cohesively connecting the varied resonant frequencies of the many dimensions and life forms that comprise the worlds of creation.  And one that forms – and informs – our multidimensional nature as a carrier of crystalized light.  As we continue to evolve, much is being revealed, and will continue to be revealed, about the amazing properties of this natural element and its intricate connection to all of life.

Our water grid was damaged in our fall from consciousness.  The line of demarcation is The Great Flood, documented both geologically and in many sacred texts.  Prior to this event, we were crystal light beings of infinite potential and life span.  After The Great Flood, we devolved into carbon based beings of the human condition with a limited life span.  Water played a significant role in our downfall and it plays a significant role in our return to full consciousness and our fullest expression of life as Holy Beings.

Dr. Dan will be creating a special Water Blessing this Tuesday evening, August 23, at 10:00 pm EDT.  This is part of the continued unfolding of The Plan of Grand Design and is a necessary step toward the perfection and the fullest integration and utilization of the water element as an integral aspect of multidimensional life.    You are invited to join us in the creation of this Blessing!  If you are so inspired, please set-aside some time the evening of August 23rd around 10:00 pm EDT for quiet meditation.  Open your heart and connect with the water element, The Holy O, and Dr. Dan and offer your unique gifts in service to this sacred element of nature that so graciously serves us in so many amazing and wonderful ways.


You are invited to join us in the Group Healing today. If attending in person, please arrive a few minutes early. We will start at 2:30 pm EDT (1:30 CDT, 12:30 MDT) with a brief lecture and begin  the Group Healing about 3:00 pm.

Whether you attend in person or by teleconference, you will be assisting in anchoring and transmitting the most recent energetic upgrades for all of humanity.

Click here to purchase the teleconference.

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