Living the Parable of Christ Consciousness

Dr. Dan will be arriving in New Orleans on Wednesday. He is bringing new blessings to share for a teleconferenced Group Healing event and private sessions.

The Group Healing will take place on Wednesday, February 21 at 7:30 PM central time.

Private sessions are scheduled for February 21 – 24. Contact Terri at or 504-388-6388 for availability of private sessions or directions if you would like to attend the Group Healing.

Three clearings will be done on the mass consciousness of the collective of humanity:

The first one is to clear the repression of authority.

The second one is to clear the pathway to awareness of Christ consciousness.

The third is to clear the sacred path of Ascension.

The names of the blessings for the group healing are:

  1. Grand Design of Holy O Way of Holy O Earth
  2. Grand Design of Holy O Truth of Divinity

These blessings are broadcast over mass consciousness into the ethers of the 9 Clusters of the All That Is of the Holy O and this Earth. This is such an exciting time for us to be gathering to assist in the upliftment of ourselves, our families, humanity and our Earth. Being there in person or on the phone allows your personal gifts to be part of the process.

If you feel lead by your Inner Holiness, please join us on Wednesday for the Group Healing in person or by teleconference. You have an important role to play in this divine mission.

We look forward to having you join us at this gathering!


Dear Friends of Ascension,

Thank you for all of your support and participation in the January service in Texas. Our Group Healing and teleconferences were well attended. It shows that you really do care about the quality of life on this planet and beyond, and that by helping yourself it helps others as well. I send my gratitude and many blessings to each of you for your devotion to ascension and helping others.  To serve you and to serve with you is a great joy in my life.

This month I will be in New Orleans from February 21 – 24 offering four days of personal sessions.  On Wednesday, February 21 at 7:30 pm central I will have a lecture and Group Healing that is teleconferenced.  Group Healings are vital for spreading ascension healing to you, the Earth, all people of the Earth and beyond. Your participation is the key.

The purpose of the downfall world is to acquire understanding from life’s experiences to go with the Knowing of our creation.

I like to think of it as the school of understanding.

To attend this school, you must check your Knowing consciousness in at the door, assume a belief consciousness (programming of outer authority), and agree to have the components of your soul, spirit and presence disassembled into parts and pieces. Then you get to find your way back home to your Holy Order of O.

This process allows you to learn and understand from some tough lessons and experiences.

With the announced exiting of the school of understanding from the Earth that began on the full moon eclipse of September 2015 and going through September 2021, all of the turmoil currently expressed in people on the Earth today is about this event. Things have to come up to come out and the drama unfolds.

We are to flush our downfall world rubble down the Holy O moon portal and to retain the understanding gained from our school of understanding experiences. In the new Holy O Earth, the understanding gained will be united with our former Knowing in a world where people Know and understand and it will bless this Earth, each other and our Creator!

HDH is a gift of ascension dedicated to healing our problems through higher consciousness. Our tools for this path are acceptance, surrender, yield, trust and asking our inner Holiness for Guidance and forgiveness (it upgrades what is to come).

I invite you to join us on this amazing path of ascension, sharing your gifts, uniting our hearts for the goodness of life and glorifying the Holy Order of life.

Your Friend

Dr. Dan

Servant of Holy Divine Healing

Please join us tomorrow, Thursday, Jan 25 at 7:30 pm Central, in North Houston at Barbara and Chris Maisel’s home at 7011 Briton Centre Court, Houston 77069.

Dr. Dan Mathews, of Holy Divine Healing, will be giving a complimentary lecture and demonstration with Q&A. Everyone in attendance will receive the blessing at this no-cost event. It will not be teleconferenced.

Dr. Dan will also be conducting private sessions at the same location on Friday and SaturdayJanuary 26-27.

Please contact Barbara at 512-632-4947 or 281-315-5172 for questions or availability of private sessions.

Additionally, he will be in Shepherd, TX on Sunday, Jan 28 for personal sessions. Contact Jerrie Beth for availability at 936-628-6628.

The Group Healing event will begin tonight at 7:30 pm Central. Please arrive a little early to get seated. Contact Leslie for directions at or 713-203-2233

Click here to participate via the teleconference.

Additionally, Dr. Dan will be in Lake Jackson, TX tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan 24 for personal sessions.

The address is 301 Arrowwood Street.

Contact Janet Castor for availability at 979-297-1961.

Dr. Dan will have a Group Healing at the Preservation in Houston on Tuesday Jan 23.

It will start at 7:30PM Central, with a lecture followed by the Group Healing.

The Houston Group Healing will consist of three clearings through the mass consciousness of all beings of the 9 clusters.

The first clearing will clear the Soul family of all people. The second is to clear the spirit mates of all people, and the third will clear the karma of all people.

The Blessings for this event are:

  1. Grand Design of Holy O Gifts of Sun, Earth and Water
  2. Grand Design of Holy O Privileges of Holy O Love

Please join in via the teleconference if you are unable to attend in person.

The Austin Group Healing event will begin today at 2:00 pm Central.

Please arrive a few minutes early to get seated.

If you cannot attend in person, you may join us via the teleconference.

Dr. Dan Mathews will be in Austin tomorrow, Jan 21 for a Lecture and Group Healing that will be teleconferenced. The event begins at 2:00 pm Central.

The Austin Group Healing will consist of three clearings through the mass consciousness of all beings of the 9 Clusters.

The first is to forgive the past to upgrade now. The second is to clear sexual abuse from all humanity, and the third is to clear the great cosmic pulse of all people.

The Blessings for this event are:

  1. Grand Design of Holy O Order of Divine Expressions
  2. Grand Design of Holy O Structure of Fulfillment

If you are unable to attend in person, please join us by phone for the teleconference. We value and appreciate your commitment and participation in the Holy Ascension process.

Contact Michele at or 512-358-6035 for more information or directions.

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